Episode 14: The Coke Can of Doom

Host: Kyle van der Merwe
Co Hosts: Bill Owen, Jeremy Birch, Cheapskate
Producer: Jeremy Birch
Guest: Jason Worner

Kyle starts the four episode of the Mod Zoo with the normal crew, Bill Owen from MNPCTech, Jeremy “EEL Ambiense” Birch, Cheapskate aka Munkey with Jason Worner as our special guest! We discuss what we have all been up to over the last few weeks as well as what has happening at The Mod Zoo and the industry, before going into What The Hell and Listener Questions.

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26 thoughts on “Episode 14: The Coke Can of Doom

  1. I haven’t noticed any change.:(
    That’s obviously not me. -why would the monkey hover-hand anyway? I agree with EEL; that’s motorboatin’ territory right there.

  2. BTW,  glad you kept the, “I’m not Australian!” ,But I’d swear Kyle hit a much higher pitch at the time. I was totally thinking he was Rob Halford for a second.

  3. Great job guys. Loved the whole thing. There were some pretty god WTH’s. Only wish there was more time for Computex talk. I like hearing others reactions to what is or might be coming. And I hope Bill can get with InWin on some of their stuff.

  4. Another solid episode.  Nothing like a little friendly banter between some Americans and an Aussie.  Loved the coke can WTH, I found a sweet utility knife in a suspended ceiling I demoed once.  I don’t get it but I’ll sure as hell take it. 
    So XNine, did you drink the coke?

  5. I’m about to listen to the podcast, but i have a what the hell that’s probably a day late and dollar short(i think this got touched on a little a couple back)…. what the hell is up with fitting costs these days? not only that, trying to figure out which ones you need to make a custom design is like taking a drop kick from the top ropes from Ricky the Dragon Steamboat (had to go oldschool). so a follow up question… aimed at bill specifically since he has his own shop… do you have a grip of fittings onsite that lets you mess around and find ideal configurations. If so, that’s a perk I’m willing to trade for being your tour guide if you come out to hawaii! lol

  6. No, I didn’t drink the coke, I actually walked out to (one of the the 3) the back porch and chucked it in the guys backyard.  
    It was really cool how natural the discussion was between everyone, it felt like I’ve known everyone for a very long time even though it was my first time chatting with everyone other than Bill.  Really awesome group of guys!

  7. Glad you had fun. If anything, we get too chatty for some guests. I feel like they get left out.
    @Natron – Artificial inflation of brass prices. I blame those 2 wars and the “Obama gunna take ‘r guuuns,” bumrush on the ammo market. Household fittings spiked too.

  8. @munksbutt – i’m not keen on brass (except for what i see in the military :lol:, and what’s it’s made of ), but hasn’t the copper market been going up rather steadily? I’m sure both of those are some cogs in the works… but do you guys think they’re just banking on people trying to make the most direct lines these days, and making everything all pretty? when I was doing my original budgeting for my build, i was basing fitting prices off the last watercooling build i did about 5 years ago… and so when I started putting my fitting shopping cart together I about crapped myself. what’s the worst is there’s no way to really figure out what you need… measurements are great, ( i think you guys briefly touched on this in the last podcast) but i feel you need some trial and error when it comes to fittings, especially the angled ones that don’t rotate…
    I’m guessing these are already modeled in something like sketchup? it’d be cool to have a sort of interactive fitting configurator that lets you mess with fittings and stuff so you don’t have to drop $50-100 extra. oh well… time to refill the rum cup.

  9. Getting ready to have a listen shortly.  Somehow my subscription to it via iTurds was canceled.  Idk what’s up there, but just another thing I hate about that software.  At least it hasn’t erased my library in a few weeks. I digress.

  10. I think that would sell. If I ever become a billionaire, I’ll build a real one of those, and have my private rolling fortress crush it’s way across America.

  11. The world will be a (more) worrying place if Cheaps had his hands on one of those… Also if you were a billionaire would we have to call you Profligate?

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