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Final Comments

Overall the Rosewill RTMT-11001 Infrared Thermometer has been rather impressive to me. I wasn’t expecting it to feel as well built as it does. On the sample that I am reviewing at a distance of 10 inches from the object surface being read, the laser is a little over 1/2 inch high. At a distance of 20 inches, it’s just under 1/2 inch too high, and at 30 inches it’s right around 1/4 inch too high. I consider this acceptable when it’s noted that the center of the laser emitter is 3/4 inch above the infrared sensor.

I set up a pot of boiling water with my cooking thermometer clipped to the side right where the water line was. I brought it up to a boil and the cooking thermometer read 212.4F degree average over 3 readings. I used the RTMT-11001 to get an average temperature reading of 214.2F. While letting it cool off, I got a reading of 174 on the cooking thermometer and 173 with the RTMT-11001. While I can’t guarantee the 100% accuracy of my cooking thermometer, the RTMT-11001 was close enough for me.

After leaving my TV on for about 2 hours of cooking, cleaning, and other testing with the RTMT-11001 I took some readings on the back of my TV for a nice matte surface reading. At a distance of 10 inches I was getting a reading of 83.5F, at 20 inches I was getting 83.5F, and at 30 inches I was reading 81.3F. These results were mirrored when I measured temperatures for the front of the TV, and a wall. It was always 1-2 degrees lower at 30 inches than at 10 or 20. The user manual does not include a minimum or maximum reading distance, so this could be normal behavior for it.

With the vertical and horizontal viewing angle issues of the RTMT-11001, it was somewhat difficult to read when used to read temperatures of various computer components. I learned to come at things sideways so I could still read the screen. It does not have to be aimed perfectly perpendicular to the surface, but I just feel better getting it as close to it as I can. Otherwise it is compact enough that it wasn’t too difficult to use inside of an Antec P180-Mini, Fractal Design Define Mini, or a Corsair 600t.

Back-lit LCD makes the screen easy to read in any lighting condition.
Construction feels sturdy and rugged. Buttons feel more robust than many.
Switchable between C and F is nice
Seems accurate enough based on my testing
Inexpensive for a good value

Vertical viewing angle is pretty poor, making it difficult to read.
Delay between pulling the trigger and the sensor turning on.
Sometimes wished the screen would stay on a little longer.

The Rosewill RTMT-11001 Infrared Thermometer is available now on NEWEGG for $34.99

Final Score: 5 out of 5 Bananas

Mod Zoo Product Review of the Rosewill RTMT-11001 Infrared Thermometer by Chris “Mosquito” Albee

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12 thoughts on “Rosewill RTMT-11001 Review

  1. These are great for any kind of workshop. They are nice to have in an automotive shop for brake concerns, cooling system temp drop across a radiator core, catalytic converter quick check and all sorts of other things. I may have to pick one up in the near future because I’m tired of having to borrow one all the time. Thanks for the review Mos.

  2. I’ve always wanted to measure difference between positive and negative pressure configuration, by measuring temps at intake and exhaust outlets, and comparing the two…

  3. Thanks guys.  It seemed rather difficult to review until I actually started playing around with it.  It’s kind of fun, find myself testing random stuff… “I wonder how crappy these windows really are”… Between this and a Kill-A-Watt, I bet a person could drop their utility bills a bit…

  4. One more use for it is a cat toy, lol. Shine the laser on the floor and enjoy. Works with little kids as well. My 2 year old chases it with the cat.

  5. We used to use a similar item when I worked in a supermarket.. when shipped they’re sometimes horribly un-calibrated! I’ve seen one out by 10 degrees (even though it quoted +- 2 degrees on the box). May not sound by much but when it comes to keeping your food at the right temperature for sale it’s important :) It could also mean the difference between ‘just cool enough’ and ‘magic blue smoke’
    How to check accuracy –  use crushed ice & water in a bowl. Firstly pack the bowl with crushed ice & then top up with water to give a

    slushy ice mix. This is a very accurate check – hell, it’s FDA and NZFSA approved and forms a part of NZFSA food shop checks :P
  6. I’m amazed you didn’t shoot yourself with it. -Or just shoot another thermometer. There’s gotta be something you can calibrate it with that doesn’t involve cooking.:D

  7. I’m amazed you didn’t shoot yourself with it. -Or just shoot another thermometer. There’s gotta be something you can calibrate it with that doesn’t involve cooking. :D

    Body external temp can vary markedly depending on location – I worked in a 3 degrees C fridge all day :P
    For most purposes uncalibrated will work fine, but if you’re walking the cutting edge of performance, it may not be enough :P

  8. hah, I actually did use it on my arm, and I was at 94.  Of course, that was also just external temperature, and in a 70f apartment…

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