NZXT Grid 10-Channel Fan Hub

So you’re building a new computer, and bought yourself a Sentry Mix 2 6-channel fan controller. Then you get home, and find you’d rather do a push-pull setup on those two AX240 rads you’re going to stuff in a Mercury S3 case. But, oh no, the Sentry Mix 2 only supports 6 fans, and now you suddenly have a need to control 8 for just your rads alone! What now?

Enter the NZXT Grid, the 30W-10 channel fan hub. Unlike the Sentry Mix 2, those 30 Watts are shared between all 10 fan channels. But let’s think about this; The Sentry Mix 2 has 30W per channel; this has 30W total, coincidence? Probably not.

NZXT Grid 10 Channel Fan Hub
Features list from NZXT

  • 10 Channels for support of up to ten fans
  • Low profile layout
  • Fully enclosed design
  • White LED accents

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