Episode 16: Designers and Machine Guns

Host: Kyle van der Merwe
Co Hosts: Bill Owen, Jeremy Birch, Cheapskate
Producer: Jeremy Birch
Guest: Paul Taylor (23RO_UK)

Kyle starts the sixteenth episode of the Mod Zoo with the normal crew, Bill Owen from MNPCTech, Jeremy “EEL Ambiense” Birch, Cheapskate aka Munkey and a special guest, Paul Taylor (23RO_UK)! We discuss what we have all been up to over the last few weeks, people have actually done some modding! We discuss the state of the industry and the new case designs. There is also the normal What The Hell and Listener Questions.

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17 thoughts on “Episode 16: Designers and Machine Guns

  1. Yeah he was. I really do love it when you guys start digressing about other modders.
    Definitely helps to help me catch up on some of the modding history I sadly missed out on when the ‘Rig went away. I kinda floundered for a few years there, not really following too many people.

  2. Minnesotan staple:
    Another great cast guys and thanks for answering my question.  I see SketchUp drawings people do and figure they follow them to the T.  I guess I never thought of them as just plans, not gospel in many cases.  Makes me feel better about winging things.

  3. i got kicked from mod of the month in OCN because i posted my build in TMZ peeps be hard.
    man oh man dogs gods most stupid invention ,bar man 
    all that talk of rendering and not mention me tisk lol

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