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GX-Gaming was created in 2011 by Genius, and has been in the industry of making peripherals since 1985. They have been making mice and keyboards for a very long time, and with the GX line of products have decided to enter the gaming side of the fence. Today we will take a look at the latest offering from GX-Gaming, the GXGila; a MMO/RTS mouse. Apart from its unique design, the Gila packs in a LOT of features. From its high end Avago ADNS-9800 laser sensor, to its customizable 12-button layout, the Gila surely has something to offer for everyone.

Unlike other MMO/RTS mice out in the market, the Gila does not have all the macro buttons crammed on one side; instead they are spread out all over the mouse. That makes it easier to use for me, as I don’t have to extend my thumb all over the place (I’ll save that for my “Smart” phone). GX-Gaming also decided to add option to add weights to the mouse if needed, and comes with a set of weights in a nice plastic storage case. The mouse weighs in at 197 grams, and comes with six 4.5g weights in case you like to have more weight to the mouse. The USB cable is 1.8 meter long, which is more than enough for your typical users and has gold plated USB connectors. To make sure that you don’t lose a grip while gaming, the grips have a rubber finish for complete control and handling. The mouse also features a fully adjustable LED lighting control with 16 million color capability, 32K onboard memory for your macros. Some will find the MSRP of $99.99 a bit steep for this mouse, but I did see the mouse retailing from $60.00 to $71.00 on the major e-tailers.

More information on the GX Gila can be found here – Click Here

Newegg.com* – $70.99

Amazon.com* – $58.36


  • Interface Support: Full Speed USB
  • Target Game Category: MMO/RTS
  • Number of Buttons: Twelve (left, right, middle button with scroll, DPI level/eight Macros)
  • Resolution (DPI): 200 – 8200 DPI
  • Sensor Engine: Scorpion Laser
  • Dimensions
  • (WxHxD mm) 114 x 195 x 44
  • Weight (g) 197 grams

Key Features:

  • Professional 12-button MMO/RTS gaming mouse
  • Over-clocking SGCii: 200 dpi to 8200 dpi
  • Scorpion gaming user interface
  • Up to 72 keys for user defined macros
  • 16 million RGB backlight system in 3 areas
  • Adjustable metal weights 4.5g x 6 with storage case included
  • 32K onboard memory to prevent game block
  • 1.8 meter braided cable with gold-plated USB connector
  • Rubber finish grip for complete control and handling

* Prices as of 9/27/2013

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5 thoughts on “GX Gaming Gila Mouse

  1. Nice review Jesse.  Bit of an odd shape, but kind of cool

    Thanks Mos, it is an odd shape that I’m not used to, but I guess this works out well as mouse for both left handed and right handed users. 

    Great review!

    Thanks for checking it out. Glad you like it. 

  2. Or for someone who likes to switch which hand they use for the mouse. I do this on occasion, depending on how I’m sitting/which direction I’m facing

  3. Or for someone who likes to switch which hand they use for the mouse. I do this on occasion, depending on how I’m sitting/which direction I’m facing

    I’m used to ergo mice, so anything that does not have nice support hurts my hands. I guess I’m spoiled like that lol. 

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