Episode 17: Allstar Staff Cast

Host: Kyle van der Merwe
Co Hosts: Bill Owen, Jeremy Birch, Cheapskate
Producer: Jeremy Birch
Guests: Jesse and Mosquito!

Kyle starts the seventh episode of the Mod Zoo with the normal crew, Bill Owen from MNPCTech, Jeremy “EEL Ambiense” Birch, Cheapskate aka Munkey and a number of special guests, well they are the people that make the Mod Zoo go around! We discuss what we have all been up to over the last few weeks. Go into a lot more depth about the website and why we keep going down. We get through some Questions and of course What the Hell!
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17 thoughts on “Episode 17: Allstar Staff Cast

  1. Awesome podcast. “Allstar Staff” we’ll use loosely!
    Perfect timing while I watched powder coat dry.
    edit: I have never experienced any problem with the website. Must be a loco problem on your end!

  2. @ Bill:  LOL!
    @ Cheaps: Hahaha!  I couldn’t help myself.  I just watched Young Frankenstein so whenever ‘frau blücher’ was uttered, the horses would neigh.  ;)

  3. I guess Ill post in this one, but Ive found these pod casts awesome to listen to while driving and modding, ive gone through like 8 of them in 2 days lol. keep em coming!

  4. @EEL, 1 or 2 per cast, no more than 30 secs, or less….  unless we have a really good one, (check out post in Staff Forum)
    @Orange, Awesome!!, and we’ll keep churning them out whenever we can!

  5. Got the Episode on the phone today listening to it for the second time good episode guys. Really good to hear the rest of the team that we see day to day on the forums.

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