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Even though the new Enermax iVektor shares much of the same chassis as the Coneus, it’s improvements make it more enthusiast friendly. It has a cleaner, yet futuristic look that should appeal to many builders. Kudos for adding enough space to get a 240 rad inside the box! It’s well designed and constructed, and the fit and finish is well above par for it’s price. The “Soft Touch Coating” should help reduce those pesky fingerprints. A few more options and features would easily elevate it’s value well over the $100 mark!


  • Enermax’s “Soft Touch Coating” fights fingerprints.
  • Unique styling and design, plus a tinted side window.
  • Great flexibility for many fan mounting scenarios.
  • Extra room (and mounting) in the top to fit a 240 Rad.
  • Tall feet promote good airflow through bottom intakes.
  • Bump-outs for extra room of fans, cables, wiring, etc.
  • Rolled metal edges that leave no sharp edges exposed.


  • No handle on top control panel or at the rear of case.
  • No wiring grommets for clean look in motherboard area.


With the iVektor’s finned, zig zag pattern, I could see doing something between the fins (light strips, contrasting colors, UV paint, etc.). Then maybe cover the finned area with a tinted plexi / acrylic, or a black mesh with large holes (not quite chicken wire. lol). Anything where the contrasted fins would show through it.


Enermax iVektor Tower is now available at Newegg


Final Score: 5 out of 5 Bananas


Because the Enermax iVektor is very well built, has a ton of features,

and can be had for less than a Franklin, I gave it a 5 out of 5 score.


Mod Zoo Product Review of the Enermax iVektor ATX Mid Tower Case by PCPackRat



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  1. The vented design reminded me of early 80s industrial styling…I also like the raised surfaces… I could see modifying the case to look as if was taken from the the bridge of the Nostromo.  

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