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The original NZXT Phantom, introduced in 2010, was a very edgy case for design. It was packed with features, and proved to be a highly rated case for water-cooling. I was never much of a fan of the aesthetic personally, but that’s just my opinion. With the popularity of the original Phantom still looming, NZXT has brought the Phantom 530 to market. The Phantom 530 is intended to be the direct replacement of the original Phantom.

I must say, though I didn’t much care for the aesthetic of the original Phantom, the Phantom 530 does sit well with me. It’s edgy enough to be different, but still subtle enough to fit my taste. The combination of hard edges, angles, black mesh, and a factory window all work very well together.

Claiming to feature excellent airflow, fully modular hard drive mounting space, and extensive water-cooling support, will the Phantom 530 be able to fill the shoes of the original Phantom? Let’s take a look.

More features and stock photos can be found on NZXT’s website:

Specifications List from NZXT

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8 thoughts on “NZXT Phantom 530

  1. This was a great review! I love that we can get high-res/clear photos of the insides and outs of new products. I kinda hate when a company releases a new product with only like 4 pictures lol (top, left, right and backside). Awesome reveiw Mosquito!

  2. Thanks Jay, I would agree! We all (modders) seem to look at things in a similar way, and just a few stock photos don’t suffice to appease our curiosity lol

    Thanks Bill!

  3. I’m not a fan of hard disk racks but freely admit the system NZXT have adopted with the 530 works so so well, I just wish case manufacturers on the whole (not just NZXT) would drop the side panel fan mount thing; that’s what a hole saw is for :D
    Anther great review Chris, thank you.

  4. After having the Phantom 530 for just over 2 years ish – the paint on the plastic… it is not the same color anymore, no matter what you do to clean it – the side panels, and the case are white – the top and front panel that snap on, they turned an egg shell white – going to repaint it. No smokers in the house. Not sure why it discolored so badly. Anyone have this problem with the red black or i think green? versions? — Just something to look out for. The top of the case I cut the 2 braces that go across from side to side out to get better airflow in a 240mm radiator. I wish the 2 circle gromets on the back panel were just a large cutout – may vertically mount my EVGA Titan X GTX SC and cut that section out of the back. Going to water cool the GPU and have the radiator for it going out of the panel behind the motherboard. I’m going to cut the bottom of the motherboard tray and expand the case about 4 inches. I want to make a custom loop for watercooling – two – one for GPU one for the Processor and I have to figure something out for the VRM. Right now its a 200mm fan in the front sucking air in – 2 120 mm fans on the bottom sucking air in 2 fans on top of radiator on top of case in pull configuration and 1 120mm fan (stock) in the back of the case sucking air out. llllwith blueray burner, blueray player and card reader on the top 3 drive bays – I want to remove those and plase them under the case facing the left side- having risers to lift the case up some and still have airflow from the bottom 2 fans. I do like the dust filters on this case but they could be better. I want to take the drive bays out of the vry top and have a 2nd 200mm fan in its place – right now everything around the processor doesn’t get much airflow because of the large graphics card that blows it all out of the back. I have an ASUS X99 Deluxe USB/3.1 card version. (original first version) Theres quite a bit of room to add a custom bottom shroud over the PSU – a Corsair RM750i looks small in the case. I’ll be cutting out the entire side panel and puting a LCD monitor in the panel – the fan part of the panel is shit – not even sure what fan someone would put there, a 120mm fan does not fit right and there’s no filter – why WHY?! that area is where you get all the dust in the case from and it’s annoying – super annoying when you have radiators you try and keep clean! Anyways those are my thoughts! If I don’t mod the shit out of this case, I might give it to my brother and get a Thermaltake Tower 900 Snow Edition Tempered Glass Fully Modular E-ATX Vertical Super Tower Chassis CA-1H1-00F6WN-00 In my opinion it is one of the cleanest cases around. Thanks for reading my thoughts/review!

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