EVGA Hadron Air

EVGA is not really a name you think of when you start asking yourself what computer case you feel like buying. That’s perfectly acceptable, though, since the Hadron Air is EVGA’s first foray into the computer case world. How did they do in this attempt? Let’s put it through the ringer, shall we?

While many case manufacturers have been building bigger and more spacious cases, including support for multiple 360mm radiators out of the box, EVGA has taken things in a different direction for their first case. It isn’t a monster, you won’t be able to fit a 480, 360, 240, or even a 120mm radiator inside this case right out of the box. You also won’t have to rent a forklift to haul it around to LAN parties either. EVGA has made a very compact, mini ITX case, with everything you need with not much that you don’t.

More specs and features can be found at EVGA’s website: http://www.evga.com/Products/Product.aspx?pn=110-MA-1001-K1

Features & Specs

At the time of review, the EVGA Hadron Air had a retail of $179.99 at newegg.

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One thought on “EVGA Hadron Air

  1. Great review Chris, just a few additional gripes however with the case itself –
    Blue cables for the internal USB 3 connector???
    Did I see beige flex there to also?
    Likewise I agree skimping out on painting the internals all black…
    Not major issues but certainly annoying considering the price tag.
    Those issues aside I love the clean face plate of the case and internal layout.

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