Rosewill R-Studio Sonas

Headphones are an interesting topic when it comes to reviews, at least from a modding site POV. Without the right equipment, it’s hard to offer more than simple opinion, and everyone’s experience depends on their own situation. I had to take that all into account when I was told that Rosewill was sending out a pair to be reviewed. Initially, I tried to figure out how I would tackle them from a modding point of view, but realistically, you can only talk about how they look and what you might alter.

Not very exciting from a modding perspective.

So, I spent a couple of weeks familiarizing myself with their sound quality, their build quality and, of course, their looks. I digested it all and am now putting it all together for you here.

First, let’s start with the reported stats from Rosewill

Let’s get a look at the packaging and headphones themselves.

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4 thoughts on “Rosewill R-Studio Sonas

  1. Nice review drougnor. I’ve had some of Rosewill’s headphones in the past. And honestly for the price have been very impressed with them. Also I have the same problem with headphones causing discomfort when new due to having a decent sized noggin and will have to try the placing them on something larger than my head technique. I don’t know why I’ve never though about that before.

  2. Don’t stretch it too far, for obvious reasons, and you shouldn’t need to leave it for more than an hour. And as for the ‘why didn’t we think of it’, it just seems counter intuitive that we should HAVE to break them in like that. *laughs* 

  3. I’ve revisited the review and added a couple of notes to the last page and something for Rosewill to take into consideration for future headphones.

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