Fractal Design Node 804


The three (3) slides for installing the hard drive cages in can be taken out by removing two (2) screws each.

Removing the hard drive cage slides allows for a 240mm radiator to be installed in the ceiling of the PSU chamber. There is enough room to have the ports on either end, though you may not be able to use a fan on the back, depending on configuration and fittings.

There is also room for mounting a 280mm radiator on the PSU side, but you will have to be selective about what radiator you go with. Pictured here is a Hardware Labs GTX 280.

The Hardware Labs GTX 280 is a little bit wider (~9mm) than many other brands, but it does still fit inside… but only just.

This is why we don’t like holes drilled, and greatly prefer having slots for mounting fans/radiators. The fan screw hole spacing is 15mm, but not all radiators (such as the Hardware Labs 280) have 15mm hole spacing. This means if your 280mm radiator doesn’t have 15mm spacing, you’re stuck using just the four (4) screws from one (1) fan to hold the radiator up. There’s also no flexibility with the 280mm radiators to mount the fittings anywhere other than the front. Again, slots would be better here. The maximum size Fractal Design states for here is 325mm long, 140mm wide, and 130mm thick.

Taking a look at the motherboard chamber, there is also room for mounting a 240mm radiator on that side as well. These fan holes are closer to the side panel, so the Hardware Labs GTS 240 pictured will not fit. With the GTS 240 being ~4.5mm wider than something like an Alphacool 240mm radiator, the GTS hits the window in the side panel. An extra 1/4” would have been nice to accommodate more radiators. With the motherboard installed, there isn’t room for a 280mm radiator on this side. Fractal states that the maximum radiator dimensions for this area are 280mm long, 120mm wide, and up to 60mm thick (including fans). Just keep an eye on your RAM clearance.

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12 thoughts on “Fractal Design Node 804

  1. Very nice review Mos. And another cool case from Fractal. Not sure that I like the mesh on the front panel, but I can see a lot of neat builds being done in it.

  2. If anyone hasn’t seen Chris’s build with hard line tubing, its pretty slick and the whole job looks fantastic!

    Mosquito can you add any pics of those bends that go behind the MB tray? Thanks Man   B)

  3. Thanks guys.

    Karambit, I don’t have too many yet, but the system isn’t taken apart yet, so I can still try to grab a few more

  4. Excellent review Mosquito and most definitely a great build!  This is without a doubt the most detailed and informative review of this case especially with your custom hard line loop which is just awesome! Another great case by Fractal Design.  I totally agree for a version 2, since like you said, they love customer feedback! Peace!!!

  5. Thanks Demond. Even with the issues I ran into, this was still a fun case to do a build in, once I had it done. It was frustrating working under the gun for time and it taking an evening to do the hardlines, but definitely worth it.






  6. Jack Brownhill Got to be said, the Mod zoo written reviews are the best bar none, and no i will not climb out of bills arse! 

    Im only messing, i really do love them, they give a builders perspective on the case, not only just a basic here is the case, they go into details and openly talk about flaws/improvements, brilliant.

  7. Nice review Mos.  I do really like the dual compartment case design and I’m glad Fractal brought the design to the mATX form factor.  It’s frustrating doing these reviews with watercooling and seeing how much of an impact as little as half an inch can make.  It’d be nice to see manufacturers take these things into account.

  8. Hi Mosquito

    I loved the results of this build – could you please post a list of the components, especially the radiators, pump and reservoir.
    Maybe you still have more detailed pictures from the right side of your build?


  9. Do you mind if I quote a few of your posts as long as I provide credit and sources back to your blog?
    My website is in the very same area of interest as yours
    and my users would genuinely benefit from some of the information you provide here.
    Please let me know if this okay with you. Many thanks!

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