Rosewill RK-9100 R


The Keycaps

Rosewill has included additional key covers for the WASD and arrow keys to give a little visual difference for your gaming key needs. Inspecting the keys during this process highlighting a couple of issues. First off, the base keys are molded semi opaque white which allows the underlying red LED to shine through and they painted the bulk of the key black. This will be come an issue over the years as heavy gaming or typing will result in the paint wearing through, causing more and more light to become evident as well as allowing the lettering to fade out fairly quickly (You are all able to type by touch, right? That’s not that big of a deal…)

The replacement key caps are semi Opaque orange with the arrow or lettering painted in a simple black. The effect is that the top 3rd of the cap is lit unevenly, and looks kind of sloppy to my eyes. The paint on the replacement key caps also appears to have been badly spray painted on. These cons mean that while it is nice to have the option, I won’t be using the included replacement caps. I do understand that there are limited ways to do keys that will allow the back lighting to come through cleanly, and I don’t have any end all/be all solutions to offer (something as simple as dye sublimation printing vs painting would be a huge step in the right direction), but the included replacement key caps just look less than top notch.

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5 thoughts on “Rosewill RK-9100 R

  1. I was extremely skeptical of the price point going in, but so far, it’s proving to be well worth the investment. If it holds up to the abuse, this is a keyboard that very well should outlive a few PCs.

  2. Will admit the feature set looks really nice on this one, and even though the price tag seems right for the features, for some reason it does not seem right for the brand. 
    Great review Jeremy. 

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