Noctua Redux and IndustrialPPC Fans



Shifting over to the Redux line, Noctua has opted for the same packaging, a windowless cardboard box with glossy text accenting. For Redux models, we have the 120mm NF-S12B rated at 1200 RPM, and the 140mm NF-P14r and NF-P14s both rated at 1500 RPM. All three of these fans are PWM controlled as well. Pricing on the Redux models had a lot of variation on Amazon at the time of this writing. Low range saw NF-S12Bs listed at $16.95 and NF-P14rs at $18.95, but most were in the $20-$25 range.

On the rear of the box again the fan specifications are listed as well as a diagram of the fan found inside. Here is a closer look at those specifications pulled from the fan data sheets:

For the NF-P14s and NF-P14r Redux:

For the NF-S12B Redux:


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9 thoughts on “Noctua Redux and IndustrialPPC Fans

  1. A fan and some screws in a box….at that price?!? They better blow everything else, not only clean out of the water, more like straight into the next state, to deserve 5 bright&ripe bananas! IMHO (lol)
    Kudos to Noctua tho for finally daring to go beyond their trusted design! (wich, if we are to be honest about it, may not have appealed to everyone, but certainly also has lots of fans (see what i did there). Design as well as pure performance has served Noctua extremely well for so many years.

  2. Pricing isn’t bad considering the defacto GT AP fans were going for as much or more.  IF these perform anything like the old GT AP fans, then it’s a no-brainer.

  3. I’ve acquired a pair of the NF-F12 IndustrialPPC 2000RPM IP67 PWM’s for my Mothball rehash, we’ll see how they fair on the new ***** AIO (it’s a secret lol).

  4. wanting to try these out from when i heard about them. I have just the perfect case build for them…Good solid review Stu a tonne of work.. cheers for the rundown…

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