Lian Li PC-A51 Review

Opening the right side of the case reveals the wonderfully clean space inside. There are five(5) removable drive trays, the mounting rail at the top for the 5.25 inch drive, the accessory box helpfully strapped to the case, the large access port for the rear of the motherboard and three(3) large grommeted holes (one above the motherboard access) for wire management. You can also see the plug that leads from the rear of the case to the front of the PSU.

With the drive trays removed, you can see the front 140mm fan, as well as mounting holes that allow for the mounting of three(3) SSD or Laptop drives on the inside or outside of the case, depending on your taste.

On the back, with the trays still mounted, you see the thumbscrews that secure the trays, as well as the power lead and included wire management with the bundle from the front panel.

With the trays removed, you get a better look at the mounting holes mentioned above. The three(3) drive mounting hole sets are slightly offset to the right in this image as compared to the thumbscrew holes for the trays. You can also remove the support rails if you need the extra space as they are attached to the motherboard tray and base of the case by small screws. Not having to remove rivets to clear room is ALWAYS a wonderful thing.

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