Lian Li PC-A51 Review

From the front, after you remove the front bezel, you can access the removable front fan filter. I am slightly confused as to why they put the fan filter on the outside of an exhaust fan. I’m sure it will be a useful addition if you choose to reverse the fans from how Lian Li ships the case, but as a default addition in this setup, it really doesn’t make much sense. At the bottom, you can see the four(4) thumbscrews that hold in the PSU mounting bracket.

Removing the filter shows that the fan hole is cut out and filed smooth, allowing for maximum airflow out of the case.

This is the PSU mounting bracket attacked to the face of my test PSU. Please ignore the dust, I know it’s not the most beautiful PSU around but it still works and that’s what counts.

This is the PSU mounted and plugged in from the front. Once you get it plugged in, you can push the wire back into the case. The depth of the tray allows for the switches and knob to be mostly flush inside the case, preventing those bits from getting knocked into by the bezel.

Inside the case you can see how the PSU rests on an adjustable block, giving about a quarter of an inch of space that would allow for maximum air flow into the PSU’s bottom air intake fan. However, this is where we run into my first problem with this case – The rear of the PSU (a standard 7 inch PSU) is half overhanging the lower wire management hole.

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