Thermaltake Core V1

Thermaltake is no stranger to the pc world. They manufacture everything from pc cases, power supplies, top notch cooling devices, and hardware for gamers. This company is not afraid to try something new. With that being said, let’s take a look at their new ITX chassis, the Core V1.

This ITX is made for every type of computing genre. It can be used for as an htpc, a high powered gaming pc, and the enthusiast crowd. This case has water cooling capabilities, has the room for GPUs up to 255mm, it can house a full size power supply with ease, it can fit a full size tower aftermarket cpu cooler up to 140mm in height, and has plenty of air cooling options as well. It also has interchangeable side panels for customization of your air flow and desired look.

Specs from the website:

The Packaging

The box is very strong and has plenty of images, info and exploded views of this chassis. There is just enough foam to support the case, but I think a little more would be better since the case is so close to the inside of this box.

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14 thoughts on “Thermaltake Core V1

  1. The grey and blue go really well together and I like your front lighting. Hope to see more work from you in the future and good luck in the contest!

  2. first off can i say, beautiful build! one of the best hadron mods out there…
    i was wondering how you did the led front panel. was it just clear acrylic? is it an led bulb or a strip?
    would love to know

  3. Thank you Coollestersmooth. Its clear acrylic where i sanded the etches so they became “blurred”. The acrylic has a square cutout in the middle, so i could place LEDs in the around the inside edge. I made my own led strip out of 7 LEDs plugged on the 12v πŸ™‚ if you want, i can find a picture

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