Thermaltake Core V1


The Exterior

The front bezel is made up of metal and plastic and sandwiched in the middle is a dust filter. It is removable, but only if you remove the metal front which is held on by folding metal tabs. Under the front bezel, which is easily removed by pulling on the bottom, you will see a 200mm intake fan! This is definitely a plus to keep the inside of the case cool. There are also options for a 120 or 140 mm intake fan and water cooling options respectively. I will discuss that later.

The left side of the case has perforated holes for ventilation. You will also notice the I/O plate which consists of a Power LED, Hdd indicator LED, a nice sized power button, 2 USB 3 ports, a reset button and hd audio connections. I think it would have been a nicer touch if there was a dust filter included in this panel.

On the rear of the case you will see 2 spots for 80mm exhaust fans. Below that is the I/O shield plate followed by the 2 expansion slots , and the power supply mounting hole. There is a total of 8 thumbscrews, 2 for each side panel. Underneath is the dust filter for the power supply.

The right side of the case is identical to the left side of the case with the exception of the I/O plate. I also believe a dust filter would have been a nice touch on this side as well.

The top of the case has a perfect sized window to view all of your pc components, which is covered by a protective film on both sides. This is a very nice touch to this case. This window is also removable.

The bottom of the CORE V1 has 4 case feet which are completely made out of plastic. Without a doubt these feet should have some kind of rubber on them for anti-vibration purposes and to prevent it from sliding. There is also a dust filter for the psu which is removable and washable.

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14 thoughts on “Thermaltake Core V1

  1. The grey and blue go really well together and I like your front lighting. Hope to see more work from you in the future and good luck in the contest!

  2. first off can i say, beautiful build! one of the best hadron mods out there…
    i was wondering how you did the led front panel. was it just clear acrylic? is it an led bulb or a strip?
    would love to know

  3. Thank you Coollestersmooth. Its clear acrylic where i sanded the etches so they became “blurred”. The acrylic has a square cutout in the middle, so i could place LEDs in the around the inside edge. I made my own led strip out of 7 LEDs plugged on the 12v 🙂 if you want, i can find a picture

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