Thermaltake Core V1


Final Thoughts


This case has so many capabilities. It’s very easy to disassemble and install all of your computer components. This was such a stress free assembly. There is plenty of room for cable management. Mostly everything that can fit in a larger case can fit in this one from the full size power supply, it can house a 140mm cpu tower cooler, a full size (2 expansion slot sized) GPU of up to 255mm, it can hold 4 solid state drives, and has water cooling capabilities up to a 140mm aio cpu cooler or radiator. It comes standard with a 200mm intake fan in the front with options for a 120 or 140mm intake fans which can be positioned in different configurations. And the simple things such as coated thumbscrews for all of the side panels are a nice touch as well. I also liked the rubber bumpers, that are included in the hardware package, that can be configured in different locations to support power supplies of all different sizes, but could have also been full length rubber strips pre-installed. I love the minimalistic look of this case and the interchangeable panels, especially the panel with the large window, which makes it customizable depending on what you want to see and where to concentrate the air flow. This is definitely worth every penny of its $49.99 price tag and then some.


The one thing that bothered me the most was that the there is no rubber on the case feet. I was extremely shocked when I saw this. With the huge 2mm fan installed in the front, the dust filter does its job well. But after awhile seeing all the dust on the front bezel began to bother me. Maybe instead of having the dust filter integrated into the front bezel, have a recessed removable filter. That might help with not seeing all the dust collection in the front which will take away from the aesthetically pleasing front bezel. I really couldn’t really anything else that bothered me.

Future Add ons:

With all of its positive and slightly negative facts, there are some things I would love to see to make this an even better case. They might also think of including their Quick Link Cable, Internal USB3.0 19 pin to USB2.0 10 pin adapter, since I don’t think everyone has converted to a full USB 3 system. It would be nice to see some kind of fan controller installed in the case. One day I would love to see some color options, an optional second window, or maybe even include the rear 80mm exhaust fans.


This case definitely doesn’t disappoint!

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14 thoughts on “Thermaltake Core V1

  1. The grey and blue go really well together and I like your front lighting. Hope to see more work from you in the future and good luck in the contest!

  2. first off can i say, beautiful build! one of the best hadron mods out there…
    i was wondering how you did the led front panel. was it just clear acrylic? is it an led bulb or a strip?
    would love to know

  3. Thank you Coollestersmooth. Its clear acrylic where i sanded the etches so they became “blurred”. The acrylic has a square cutout in the middle, so i could place LEDs in the around the inside edge. I made my own led strip out of 7 LEDs plugged on the 12v 🙂 if you want, i can find a picture

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