Sharkoon SHARK Force Mouse

The selection of a new mouse, especially a gaming mouse, is an intensely personal decision. This selection can often be made all the more difficult by the ever expanding choice of mice on the market as well as the hype generated by the marketing departments involved directly with each brand.

Often, gamers are told that true quality is defined by the price tag. We get told that unless you spend top dollar on your next device purchase that you are simply wasting your money and will regret that purchase. Sadly, this is often not the case, as many a gamer who has a selection of ‘regretful’ purchases can tell you.

Listed at €10.99 (Approx $14.25 as of the writing of this review on Sept 14, 2014), the SHARK Force definitely falls into the ‘budget’ category. This price range normally relegated to throwaway travel mice, the mice you give to your grandparents or children, or the mice your employer tosses your way when you complain that your regular mouse is crap.

Does this mouse fit any of the above descriptions?

Well, first off, let’s see what Sharkoon has to say:

With their stats out of the way, let’s dig into my impressions.

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3 thoughts on “Sharkoon SHARK Force Mouse

  1. Thanks for this
    Also would like to point out that I think you’ve got the height and width round the wrong way.

    it is 124mm (~4.9 inches) long, 76mm (~3 inches) tall and 40mm (~1.6 inches) wide.

    I’d say that this pretty much covers most of Sharkoon products in my experience of them, budget, but good for the budget price.
    Although avoid their headphones. That’s the one sharkoon product I’ve been really disappointed with in the past.
    What does the top pcb look like?
    Just wondering how easy it would be to mod it and move the dpi button, as I always find that position is no good for changing the dpi on-the-fly.

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