Sharkoon SHARK Force Mouse

From the rear, you can see the sharp sports-car like lines, the glowing logo and the difference between the more grey rubberized paint finish compared to the black molded plastic that makes up the main body of the mouse. As you see by the placement of the ‘thumb rest’ piece, this is intended to be a right handed mouse.

From the top, you can see the placement of the DPI adjustment button. The mouse lives in one of three DPI states. If the light is off, the DPI is at its lowest setting of 600 – This allows for much finer levels of control in programs like Photoshop, where you don’t want the brush to suddenly veer off, adding unintended lines.

At the middle setting, 1000dpi, the LED is about as intense as the light behind the name. This feels much more like your normal everyday mouse setting, fast enough to be responsive without being overly jumpy.

At the highest setting, 1600dpi, the LED is about 2x as bright as the light behind the name. This is your twitch gaming setting, meant for when you need to cover as much screen real estate as quickly as possible with as little movement as possible. This is also a great setting to use if you are using massive screen resolutions on your desktop and want to not feel like it takes forever by default to move your cursor around.

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3 thoughts on “Sharkoon SHARK Force Mouse

  1. Thanks for this
    Also would like to point out that I think you’ve got the height and width round the wrong way.

    it is 124mm (~4.9 inches) long, 76mm (~3 inches) tall and 40mm (~1.6 inches) wide.

    I’d say that this pretty much covers most of Sharkoon products in my experience of them, budget, but good for the budget price.
    Although avoid their headphones. That’s the one sharkoon product I’ve been really disappointed with in the past.
    What does the top pcb look like?
    Just wondering how easy it would be to mod it and move the dpi button, as I always find that position is no good for changing the dpi on-the-fly.

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