Fractal Design Define R5

“Silence Redefined”. That’s the advertising campaign that Fractal Design had been toting around the secret re-design of the Define R5. Clever marketing, and those who know the Fractal Design line of cases well, guessed it would be the Define R5. Well it’s now here, so let’s take a look at it!

Fractal Design has done yet another revamp to their popular Define chassis. Now on the 5th rendition, it’s sure to be a highly polished design by now. In keeping with their Scandinavian design, the Define R5 has a minimalistic design, with a front door like all previous Define cases. They include sound dampening foam all over in the case, since it’s part of their quiet case line.

At the time of review, the MSRP for the Define R5 was set at $109 (USD) for the non-window variants, and $119 (USD) for one with a side panel window.

In addition to black, the Define R5 will also be offered with a titanium colored front door, and an all white version.

Specifications from Fractal Design

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13 thoughts on “Fractal Design Define R5

  1. Nice review Mos, its nice to see Fractal making the drive bays, and the 5.25″ bay removable. After seeing the case in person, I will say it lives up to Fractal quality. Love the build as well. 

  2. With the improvements they made I wish I would have waited. Especially because its at the same price point that I got my R4. Awesome review. I am totally sold on going back to Fractal for future builds.

  3. Awesome review and Walk-through!  I definitely like what they have done with this case!  Still yet a simple but elegant design with so much capabilities…great build Mosquito!!! 

  4. I am a bit surprised of just how many people out there dont seem to understand and appreciate the fact that doing extensive design changes to the looks and functionally of a case makes it a different case…wich ought to have a different name!
    Define R5…. that is revision five. Thats why it at first glimpse may look about the same as all earlier models. Dive in.. and discover all details evolving and beeing added over the years to make it better.
    The question simply isnt if Im getting this case or not!
    Its what to do with it when $`s found for the build ;)
    Great review guys… and man, that build Mosquito… yummi!

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