Sharkoon CA-M


On the bottom of the case you can several mounting holes for a few different hard drive configurations (2-3.5 inch drives, 3-2.5 inch drives or 1-3.5 inch drive and 1-2.5 inch drive).

You can also see where the screws have bitten into the finish. The finish on this case is a bit fragile, not taking much at all to scratch.

In this image, you can see the screws for the two 3.5 inch drive installation. Using the rubber washers is HIGHLY recommended to isolate drive noise as there is not much mass in this case to deaden the clicks and whines.

Here, you can see the screws for the three 2.5 inch drive installation.

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2 thoughts on “Sharkoon CA-M

  1. Very nice review Jeremy. But my biggest gripe with it, and a lot of cases with a similar design is why are the buttons and that on the front??? They put the USB 3.0 on the top why on earth would you not put the rest of the stuff up there also? That leaves a perfectly smooth canvas on the front of the case for modding and also makes for a very clean look for HTPC’s and similar uses.

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