Sharkoon CA-M


One of the most impressive features of this case is the absolute lack of rivets. EVERY joint, including the reinvforcment joint shown above, is done with screws, allowing for an absolute breakdown of this case with minimal effort. A modders dream!

During the breakdown, I found that the top fan wasn’t attached to the top panel directly, but instead is mounted to the same rails that hold the USB 3.0 slots, meaning that if you ever have to remove or replace the fan for any reason, their will be at least one additional step.

Here we have the case broken down to the the flattest I’ve ever seen any case reduced to. I see this as a potentially fantastic money saver for them – Pack the case flat, include an additional sheet with building instructions and save a ton on shipping!

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2 thoughts on “Sharkoon CA-M

  1. Very nice review Jeremy. But my biggest gripe with it, and a lot of cases with a similar design is why are the buttons and that on the front??? They put the USB 3.0 on the top why on earth would you not put the rest of the stuff up there also? That leaves a perfectly smooth canvas on the front of the case for modding and also makes for a very clean look for HTPC’s and similar uses.

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