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Final Thoughts

This case is a mixed bag for me as a reviewer – As I started the writeup by saying, I’m a vocal fan of large cases. I have big hands and need TONS of space to move around or I’m likely to tear myself up or get cramped up. Tiny cases have never really appealed to me for those reasons and more.

However, as I sit here writing up these final thoughts, I’m finding more and more reasons that I want to put a tiny case system or two together. And I am happy to report that this case is one of the top contenders so far in my book.

Out of the box, the fit and finish will fit in just about every situation I can think of with a minimum of work. Which brings me to –


The case COMPLETELY comes apart with a simple phillips head screwdriver making this a modding dream. The soft anodized finish, while normally a problem due to how easily it scratches, means that preparing the surfaces for a new paint job is more simple. There is almost no end to the adjustments that can be done or additions that can be made to this case.


  • Solid construction
  • All screws, no rivets
  • Nice brushed aluminum finish out of the box
  • Multiple drive configurations
  • No need to work around optical drive slot you aren’t going to use
  • LIGHT for it’s solidity


  • Factory anodized finish is soft
  • Aluminum means screws can easily crossthread
  • Not much leftover space once PSU is installed
  • PCI slot covers that have to be cut/snapped out to remove without replacement covers in the box


As any modder or system builder in general can attest to, to get quality you need to pay for it. Honestly, I try to avoid most cases that are under $60 as I’ve gotten a LOT of crap cases at a ‘bargain’. This case is making me rethink that stance. Yeah, there are a few negatives to this case, but nothing that cannot be easily overcome, especially by the modding community.

Overall, especially from a large case fan, I’m VERY impressed with this case from Sharkoon. I have no hesitation in saying that this case is definitely ModZoo Approved!

I’d like to thank Sharkoon for providing the case for review and look forward to working with them in the future!

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2 thoughts on “Sharkoon CA-M

  1. Very nice review Jeremy. But my biggest gripe with it, and a lot of cases with a similar design is why are the buttons and that on the front??? They put the USB 3.0 on the top why on earth would you not put the rest of the stuff up there also? That leaves a perfectly smooth canvas on the front of the case for modding and also makes for a very clean look for HTPC’s and similar uses.

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