Phanteks Enthoo Mini XL Review

Jesse aka Captain CurrySauce takes a look at the new Enthoo Mini XL. Does it hold up a candle to its older brother, the Enthoo Primo?

Phanteks Enthoo Mini XL mid tower case review


Phanteks Enthoo Primo had set a new standard for enthusiast cases, and as we showcased in our review, it was hands down the best full tower for the money. Since that time Phanteks has released a couple more cases, and now we have a new member being added to the Enthoo line of cases. The Enthoo Mini XL is a case that looks like a shrunk down version of the Enthoo Primo on the outside, but the minute you take the panels off, the similarities end right there. Based on the Mini XL’s dimensions the case would fall under the Mid Tower category, but Phanteks has chosen to call it a “Super Micro ATX”. With its unique power supply location, the case allows you to install the thickest of the radiators on the top. There are features for air coolers, and water coolers alike, and with an optional $29.99 ITX upgrade kit you can make the Mini XL into a dual motherboard system. Phanteks has been listening to the community as well, and it seems that have made some change to improve on the original Enthoo Primo design.

At first glance the form factor looks weird, and something that hasn’t been done before. As I worked on the review build, I started to like the unique layout a lot, and will talk about that soon. Simply put, Phanteks wanted to utilize every inch of the case in a unique way, and I think that they accomplished the same.  At 10.24″ or 260 mm wide, 21.65″ or 550 mm tall, and 18.9″ or 480 mm deep the Mini XL not too big for an enthusiast grade mid tower. So without wasting anymore time, let’s get into this review so you guys can decide for yourself if Phanteks has another ace up their sleeves or not.

At the time of this review, the Mini XL is priced at $179.99, and the optional ITX upgrade kit is priced at $29.99.

For more information please visit the product page at –

Case Specifications
260 mm x 550 mm x 480 mm (W x H x D)
Form Factor
Super Micro Chassis
Aluminum faceplates, Steel Chassis
Motherboard Support
Front I/O
2x USB 3.0, Mic, Headphone
Side Window
Yes, split-window design
Expansion & Drive Bays
Expansion slots
External 5.25″
Internal 3.5″
6 (2x 3 HDD cages)
Internal 2.5″
8 (2x 3 HDD cages + 2x SSD brackets )
120mm fan
140mm fan
2x (2x included)
2x (1x included)
Liquid Cooling
120mm radiator
140mm radiator
Up to 240
Up to 360
Up to 280
Up to 240
Up to 280
Up to 360
Up to 280
Up to 240
Graphic card
410mm (without HDD Cages)
CPU cooler
Cable management
Radiator (Top)
206mm to Motherboard
Packaging Information
Package Dimension
343mm x 625mm x 570mm (WxHxD)
Net Weight
13.8 Kg
Gross Weight
15.5 Kg
5 Years Limited


Review Index
Page 1: Introduction to Phanteks Enthoo Mini XL Case
Page 2: The Exterior of the Phanteks Enthoo Mini XL Case
Page 3: The Interior of the Phanteks Enthoo Mini XL Case
Page 4: Enthoo Mini XL ITX Upgrade Kit overview
Page 5: Enthoo Mini XL Case Disassembly and Tear Down
Page 6: Enthoo Mini XL Build
Page 7: Enthoo Mini XL Review Conclusion

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8 thoughts on “Phanteks Enthoo Mini XL Review

  1. A dual system case designed for watercooling right out of the box using my two favourite motherboard form factors…
    Just when I’d gone off BIG cases Phanteks show the other industry manufacturers what it is to innovate and how it should be done!!
    I’m in love  :wub:

  2. Phanteks seems to be evolving really fast, and they are doing the right things at the same time. I love the pricing on their products, and the quality. I say watch out NZXT/Fractal and Corsair.

  3. Great review dude. I had my doubts about a double system chassis but Phanteks clearly had a lot more in mind about it when they put this together. Using the extra system space for heavy water cooling gear is a great design thought. Good to see Phanteks ripping it up again and again.

  4. Not sure if I’ll do a build log with this amazing, though relatively voluminous Micro ATX case, but I plan to post some build pictures with my multi-radiator setup.
    Just picked this case up last week and am beyond impressed. I actually read Jesse’s review after I bought it, but can say that if you had a “six nanner” review, this case would be pretty close to earning that.
    Great review guys on one of my most favourite cases!

  5. I bought this just recently to build two gaming PCs in one! Me and the wife share a long desk to game on and we love this. On the Mini ITX side she has an i7 4970k w/ a GTX970 while I run an I7 4970k w/ a Fury X.

    This case has been made even better with the new Phantek Power Splitter they provide. Both our PCs share a EVGA SuperNova 1300watt PSU. The power splitter allows one or both Motherboard to be powered at a time. Two true gaming PCs with one case and power supply. LOVE IT.

    I still have a lot to go with this project and right now everything is water cooled except the GTX970. When all is said and done she will have the Fury X with the water block while I have whatever the next big graphics card is this year. Everything on one massive loop.

  6. Well A second hand one arrived at my place and I too was impressed.
    And then I realised that my 2nd system also will me an mATX, whereas the case is designed to have an miniITX as the second system.
    THEN I realised I just need a decent hammer….. (evil grin)

    Case mod will be a proper mod, as the 2nd system is for a NAS setup it won’t need any GPU, massive CPU coolers or anything like that, which is something.

    We shall see… wish me luck !

  7. So i built my brand new system with the new DS version of this case. (which comes with the dual system componentns installed.) i have lots of thoughts on this. It was a steep learning curve and i made almost a dozen trips to my local pc dealer. and also had to end up ordering the phanteks cables from amazon. If anyone wants some advice on this before attempting a build hit me up.

    Hint, do top case fans before installing the itx board.

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