Fractal Design announces new Silent Series R3 fans

Fractal Design is announcing some new fans, Munkys! This is straight from the manufacturer.

Introducing more layers of cool products.

Fractal Design announces the Silent Series R3 fan series, an upgraded fan construction revamping the current Silent Series fan lineup, delivering a balanced, sturdy design.

The new  Dynamic Series of fans bring forth a custom designed and engineered fan, with bold aerodynamic features that allow it to stand out from the crowd.

Silent Series R3 Fans

Fractal Design Silent Series R3 fans offer excellent value for money, with good performance and assured reliability.

All Fractal Design Silent Series R3 fans are equipped with long-life rifle bearings and an easy-to-hide, sleek black cable.

Available in a large variety of sizes, ranging from compact 40mm fans to full-size 140mm fans, the Silent Series R3 delivers suitable options for replacing loud or damaged fans in both computers and many other electronic devices.

SSR3 Key Features

  • Featuring rifle bearings, providing improved life expectancy and lower noise compared to a standard sleeve bearing
  • Black stealth ribbon cable, making it easy to hide the cable contributing to a clean build
  • Improved, more balanced, sturdy fan design delivering precision at a good price point
  • Low fan speeds, optimized for quiet operation
  • Featuring Fractal Design’s signature black and white color scheme
  • Offering sizes from 40mm up to 140mm for all your build needs


For more product details and image gallery, visit the Silent Series R3 product pages!

Dynamic Series Fans

Fractal Design Dynamic GP-12 and GP-14 are true all-purpose fans, with good airflow in any usage scenario. Their customized design lends to a beautifully aesthetic fan to help keep your system cool, yet quiet.

Designed with leading technology techniques in mind, the Dynamic Series fans feature aerodynamic elements, similarly found in airplane wing designs, with significant noise-reducing elements, resulting in a fantastic price-performance ratio.

The Dynamic Series fans come in two color combinations: all-black and the classic Fractal Design signature color scheme with white blades and black frame.

Dynamic Series Key Features

  • Featuring hydraulic bearings; a cost-efficient compromise between a standard sleeve bearing and a true FDB bearing
  • Equipped with a counter-balancing magnet in the hub that reduces the axial tension on the bearing, further protecting the longevity of the bearing
  • Optimized fan geometry for a good balance between static pressure and maximum airflow, resulting in good performance in all usage scenarios
  • Aerodynamically shaped thin stator struts (including wire strut), mimicking the design commonly found on airplane wings, delivering correct angles allowing for air to easily pass through reducing noise and unwanted turbulence.
  • Stator struts are angled perpendicular to the blades, helping to reduce noise commonly emitted when the blades pass the struts. In effect, minimal noise that may be emitted will be constant and therefore almost inaudible to the ear.
  • Strategically placed notches near the fan hub on the trailing edge of the blades, further reducing and diffusing humming noise produced when the blades pass the stator struts
  • Includes a “trip wire” on the rear side of the blades, near the leading edge. The trip wire technology, also commonly found in airplane wing designs, introduces a micro-turbulent layer that helps to combat the elements that negatively affect performance. The presence of the trip wire overall provides a more efficient and quiet fan environment.
  • The customized design of the Dynamic Series fans contributes to a beautiful, cool build
  • Available in 120mm and 140mm fan sizes


For more product details and image gallery, visit the Dynamic Series product pages!

*Availability for new fans starting April 2015

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With all this information in mind, what do you think? Looking forward to trying them out? Think you can improve upon their look? Got a case that’d be just right? Let us know!

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4 thoughts on “Fractal Design announces new Silent Series R3 fans

  1. Wait, do I see an all black fan from fractal? Pricing is really nice as well. Paying 20 bucks a fan makes me a sad panda.

  2. Yup..Price is good and they look nice. Two dynamic GP14 comes fitted in the Define R5.
    Will most likely order a few GP14`s and 12`s.

    Wouldnt mind a full review and comparable test figures if youre up for it.

  3. it says they are mixed performers…so does that measn they would be ok for use on a rad? or just meh?

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