Lian-Li PC-O5S Review

There are four (4) more screws holding the bottom panel on the PC-O5s.

The front and back pieces are both also held in place by screws. Have I mentioned yet that I’m really glad it’s all screws and not rivets?

The PC-O5s also comes with a PCIe x16 3.0 flexible riser cable.

On the back side of the motherboard tray, there is a bracket to install a slim optical drive on.

There are also holes to mount a 2.5” drive to the optical drive tray.

Continuing on with more hidden storage, there is a removable plate on the back of the motherboard tray that can hold either one (1) 3.5” drive and one (1) 2.5” drive, or two (2) 2.5” drives.

There are also mounting holes for either two (2) more 2.5” drives, or a 2.5” and a 3.5” drive on the front (but using a 3.5” drive will mean losing the PCIe slot). There are also holes that should be for mounting a second 3.5” drive (on the left), but the rear I/O panel gets in the way.

There is a drive cage that can hold an additional three (3) 3.5”, and a single 2.5” drive. They also include a cover that mounts on the top hard drive, to cover it up. Another nice touch to keep the inside looking nice and clean.

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4 thoughts on “Lian-Li PC-O5S Review

  1. Nice review Mos. This case seems like a clear effort from Lian Li to offer something in the realm of InWin’s higher end concept cases. These cases looked amazing when we saw them at CES. Some people will balk at the price tag but this is a high caliber case that looks incredible. 90% of the people that walked by on the show floor stopped to look at them when we were at the booth.

  2. A great review as always Chris  :D
    As much as I love this case two things limit it in my eyes –
    1) It can only accommodate a 190mm GPU out of the box.
    2) It’s price tage in the UK – £280 ($417 US) erm sorry but no chance would I or many others pay that.

  3. Yeah, it’ll definitely take the right buyers to move these things. I do think it’s worth it, though. In terms of design, materials, workmanship, and aesthetic. It’s just got to be the right combinations of wants and financial resources lol

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