Phanteks Enthoo EVOLV ITX Case Review

Final Thoughts:

With the introduction of the EVOLV ITX case, Phanteks has created another masterpiece of a case. One of the most impressive features is the unique sliding radiator/fan mount that Phanteks added to the case. Personally I hate working on small cases, and normally I don’t like ITX cases for them not being enthusiast grade. I’m happy to see that the EVOLVE ITX does not suffer from the same fate.The removable radiator/fan mount is a great idea in a case this size. The feature reminds me of the case labs radiator mounts, and I love the fact that now we have more than one company putting enthusiast first.

The cable management is honestly the best that I have ever seen in a case. The smart placement of shrouds creates a look that is exceptionally clean, and makes hiding cables very very easy. Phanteks never seizes to amaze me, and I always wonder how they will make themselves better. The EVOLV ITX case is a perfect example of how Phanteks is always trying to create and implement new ideas in their cases. There is ample room in the case to fit enthusiast grade cooling, and enthusiast grade hardware.

At an expected price of $79.99, the EVOLV ITX is probably the best enthusiast grade ITX case in the market at the moment.


– Build quality and finish.

– Unique radiator/fan mount bracket.

– Removable mid-plate/accessory mount.

– Support for enthusiast grade water cooling.

– 200mm cooling fan preinstalled in the front.


– None

Final Score:

It takes a lot for me to like a small ITX case, and Phanteks has made me love this little case a lot. The construction is on par with what you would expect from Phanteks, and nothing less. I honestly struggled to find something wrong with the case, and if I have to complain about something it would have to be the PSU shroud opening. The radiator mounting bracket, and the removable mid plate is a very impressive design. The EVOLV ITX brought me the kind of excitement that I felt when I looked at the Enthoo Primo. Like always, I think Phanteks has redefined the category.


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9 thoughts on “Phanteks Enthoo EVOLV ITX Case Review

  1. Nice review meng. As far as larger mITX cases go, this one has great style and features. I can see it having a lot of appeal to a wide array of buyers were as a case like the Prodigy is turn off to me due to a more “kiddy” look. I love the removable rad bracket, I can see installs going a lot smoother with that.

  2. I was already sold on that case when I saw it at CES and I’m even more sold on it now… if I ever decide to buy another case, that is. That said, you really have a thing for center justified text, don’t you?

  3. I loved that radiator shelf. I think the trap door for the GPU wires is neat too. A plus for the review would have been to try to stuff a radiator in the front somehow, just because.
    Kyle, there’s still a post box in reviews when logged off. It got me again.:(

  4. Great review. Looks like a great case. Handled my first Phanteks case this week. I was impressed.

  5. The length of zotac 1080 extreme is 325mm. This is not the problem but the width is 2.5 slots. Does it fit in this case?

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