Silverstone Raven RV05 Case Review

Greg (PCPackRat) from Smart Computer Store takes a look at the new Silverstone Raven RV05 Case:

The Introduction:

Silverstone …… Many have considered them to be the company that started the whole Home Theatre PC (HTPC) case market.  With cool black or silver brushed aluminum fronts and killer looks to match your high end audio gear.  Some of which, even came with built in LED displays and infrared remote sensors.

While Silverstone’s case designs have adapted to the ever changing market place, their quality has never wavered.  The acclaimed Sugo line of cube shaped cases have continued to service the growing HTPC case segment.  With great design and high quality components, Silverstone has become the “go to” company for HTPC Cases.

Plus, if you haven’t noticed, Silverstone is also into power supplies, case fans and other case accessories.  You may have even noticed their high end Silverstone SFX power supplies with features like 80+ Gold Ratings, modular cable connections and even short ribbon style cable sets.  Not to mention 180mm #AP181 Air Penetrator fans.

Today we’re going to have a look at the Raven RV05 Mid Tower Case. It’s upflow air design and 90 degree rotated Motherboard is based on the Fortress series of cases.  Since hot air rises, it seems that upflow air cooling would be the obvious choice, and putting a pair of super efficient 180mm fans in the bottom couldn’t hurt either!

Features and Specifications from the Silverstone Website:

RV05 Feature list

  • Revolutionary 90 degrees motherboard mounting enables stack effect for natural heat convection
  • Independent PSU intake vent prevents waste heat circulation
  • Supports up to SSI-CEB motherboard
  • Two 2.5” SSD/HDD slots on the backplate
  • Supports two easy access drive bays with thumb screw design
  • Includes two Air Penetrator 180mm fans for superb performance and quietness
  • Top 120mm fan slot completes overall airflow and supports AIO liquid cooler
  • Top-mounted stealth I/O ports include microphone, audio and two USB 3.0 ports
  • All black one-piece front panel inherits signature RAVEN styling touches
  • Slim slot-loading optical drive slot
  • Support for various liquid cooling radiator configurations
  • Positive air pressure design with front-accessible main filter for class leading dust reduction

RV05 Specifications

Model No.

  • SST-RV05B (black)
  • SST-RV05B-W (black + window)


  • Plastic outer shell, steel body


  • black


  • ATX
  • Micro-ATX

Drive Bay: External

  • Slim slot-loading optical x 1

Drive Bay: Internal

  • 3.5″ x 2, 2.5” x 2

Cooling System: Top

  • 120mm fan slot x 1

Cooling System: Bottom

  • 180mm fan x 2 (Included)
  • 120mm fan x 3
  • 140mm fan x 2

Expansion Slots

  • 7

Front I/O Port

  • USB 3.0 x 2
  • Audio x 1
  • MIC x 1

Power Supply

  • Optional PS2(ATX)

Expansion Card

  • Compatible with 12.3” long, width restriction – 6.57”

Limitation of CPU cooler

  • 162mm

Net Weight:

  • 7.6kg


  • 242mm (W) x 529mm (H) x 498mm (D), 63.8L

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5 thoughts on “Silverstone Raven RV05 Case Review

  1. This is an awesome case and an awesome review for it! I loved how you said how it had a batman vibe to it because that’s exactly what I thought when I saw it. Maybe someone can do a batman mod to go up against the green and purple Riddler mod that was posted here on the forums? I’d love to see that happen!

  2. Awesome review Greg. I have always loved the raven line up, and silverstone makes some very interesting and impressive stuff.

  3. I like this case. Its the same layout as my Conversion Mod… It makes for a good look

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