Cooler Master Octane Gaming Gear Combo Review

The Octane Gaming Combo

Building a PC is awesome. I love picking out my components, getting everything set, and putting it all together (be it a mod or not). Something I’ve overlooked in the past and something I’ve seen others over look is a vital component when you stop to think about it: your mouse and keyboard. These are the two devices your PC interaction will be centered around and they act as your touch point into the PC.

This brings us to the Cooler Master Octane combo, a gaming keyboard and mouse. Currently listed for $49.99 on Newegg at the time of this review, this combo is a budget friendly option in a market where you can easily spend that much on just a mouse OR a keyboard. Though it’s budget friendly, the Octane combo isn’t without flash. Both the mouse and keyboard are back-lit and you can select from seven color options. Here are the technical specs of the equipment off of Cooler Master’s website:

Click Here to check out the Octane Combo’s product page at Cooler Master.

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