Gigabyte X99 SOC Champion Motherboard Review

The Conclusion:

What do you get when you take a Gigabyte ultra durable X99 motherboard, add a bunch of top quality components, some powerful overclocking tools, and a LGA 2011-3 socket with 2083 gold plated pins? The Gigabyte X99-SOC Champion, a motherboard that broke 9 overclocking world records. I was very pleased with the SOC Champions features and performance. Like my old Z87X OC Force, it made me feel confident in it’s overclocking stability, it’s features and it’s level of performance. From my point of view, this heavy duty, overclocker is worth every penny of the $275 pricetag (current Newegg price at time of review). Of course, like the X99 Gaming 5P, I would have liked to have seen USB 3.1 included on this board. But, the SOC Champion has a ton of other features. If you are serious about squeezing every last Megahertz out of your CPU, then this is the board for you.



      • CPU Switch adds use of 2083 CPU pins for added overclocking stability.
      • Gigabyte’s patented Dual Bios can save you from your overclocking failures.
      • 30µ Gold plated CPU Socket, RAM and PCI-E Slots (2x industry standard).
      • A Quad Channel Memory Controller running DDR4 at speeds up to 3333MHz.


      • 3way and 4way GPU require use of Intel Extreme CPU with 40 PCI-E Lanes.
      • No USB 3.1 support (Both MSI and Asus X99 Mobos are sporting USB 3.1).
      • Gigabyte’s AutoTune App feature seems to sometimes fail to overclock.


The Final Score:
Using other manufacturer’s X99 overclocking entries in this price range as a comparison,
we give the Gigabyte GA-X99-SOC Champion: Five out of Five (5) Nanners.

Which, of course, makes it Mod Zoo Approved!


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