Deepcool Gamer Storm Captain 240 Review


Deepcool has been a leader in thermal solutions for years. They started primarily with server cooling and moved into desktop solutions. most of you that aren’t familiar with them, soon will be. Based in Bejing, China, they have spent the last decade or so, expanding into global markets.

In the last several years, Deepcool has even diversified into Fans, Power Supplies, Computer Cases and even the AIO (All In One) CPU Liquid Cooling market.  The Gamer Storm line of products includes both a Maelstrom line of AIO coolers and the brand new Captain line.

The Captain line includes three entries. All of them are based on the Deepcool GF series 120mm fans. The line includes a 120mm (single fan), a 240mm (dual fan), and a monster 360mm (triple fan) AIO coolers. Today we are going to look at the 240mm model, the Deepcool Gamer Storm Captain 240.


Specifications from the Deepcool Website:

Application For:

  • Intel Socket
    • LGA2011-V3
    • LGA2011
    • LGA1366
    • LGA1156
    • LGA1155
    • LGA1150
  • Intel CPU 150W
    • High End Desktop i7
    • Core i7 Extreme/i7/i5/i3
    • Pentium G
    • Celeron G
  • AMD Socket
    • FM2+/FM2/FM1
    • AM3+/AM3/AM2+/AM2
    • APU A10/A8/A6/A4
  • AMD CPU 140W
    • FX 8/6/4-Core
    • Phenom II X6/X4/X3/X2
    • Phenom X4/X3/X2
    • Athlon II X4/X3/X2
    • Athlon X4/X2
    • Athlon
    • Sempron
    • Business Class

Technical Spec:

Fan Dimensions:   120mm x 120mm x 25mm (2pcs)

Net Weight:   1183 ± 10g

Fan Speed:   600 ± 200 ~ 2200 ± 10% RPM

Fan Air Flow:   182.24 CFM (MAX)

Fan Air Pressure:   3.71mm H2O (MAX)

Fan Life Expectancy:   100000 hours

Fan Noise Level:   17.6 ~ 39.3 dB (A)

Fan Bearing Type:   FDB(Fluid Dynamic Bearing)

Fan Connector:   4 Pin

Fan Rated Voltage:   12 VDC

Fan Rated Current:   0.26 ± 10 % A (MAX)

Fan Power Consumption:   3.12 W

Main system Dimensions:   89mm x 65mm x 82mm

Radiator Dimensions:   274mm x 120mm x 27mm

Radiator Material:   Aluminum

Pump Life Expectancy:   120000 hours

Pump Connector:   3 Pin

Pump Operating Voltage:   6 ~ 13.8 VDC

Pump Rated Voltage:   12 VDC

Pump Speed:   2800 ± 10% RPM

Pump Current:   0.25 ± 10% A (MAX)

Pump Power Consumption:   3.0 W

Product Dimension:


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One thought on “Deepcool Gamer Storm Captain 240 Review

  1. That’s pretty slick even though the performance is a little down.  I’ve had a few AIO’s and they are pretty bland looking, maybe this will be a wake up call to other manufacturers that we’d like a bit of show with our go.  Though, you’d think that would be obvious by now.

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