Episode 23: Attack of the Case Clones

Podcast 23Kyle starts the twenty-third episode of The Mod Zoo Podcast along with the normal rabble, Bill Owen from MNPCTech, Jeremy “EEL Ambiense” Birch, Cheapskate aka Munkey and Toby Kirkby! During this podcast we discuss the many clones that appeared at Computex from Thermaltake, as well as covering some listener questions and Mad Max Fury Road. SPOILER WARNING!

Host: Kyle van der Merwe
Co Hosts: Bill Owen, Jeremy Birch, Cheapskate, Toby Kirkby
Producer: Jeremy Birch
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9 thoughts on “Episode 23: Attack of the Case Clones

  1. My bucket list is become famous enough to be on the podcast. I should probably stop trolling Toby on facebook thou..

  2. Great Podcast guys. You would think the fly was a guest considering how much air time he got. Its cool to hear the Podcasts as it reminds me of the days I worked in the radio industry doing Production. Keep the Podcasts coming!

  3. Well, I’m just going to put this out here now. I appreciate how Bill was trying to be the middle broker about the Frozen case. As he did, at first, about the ThermalFake controversy. But as I listened, and had a few tasty beverages. As the one member departed I couldn’t help but notice the true Hyde coming out of Bill, some ehem saucy dialog .. I was LMAO! So I dl’d the previous ep. Oh hell .  oh btw, about how you know you have to many fans in your build… it becomes an unmanned killer DRONE! LOL Enjoyed Guys. Thanks

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