Hardware Labs Black Ice Nemesis 240GTS Review

The Nemesis GTS 240 comes in some nice looking packaging like most good quality products.


The back of the box displays the key features, and the dimensions of the radiator.


Hardware Labs packages the radiator nicely in a box.


The Nemesis GTS 240 features a unique crinkle finish. Some people might not like it, and some will. I personally like the new finish a lot when compared to the old Stealth GTS 240.


Here is a quick comparison between the old and the new. The dimensions are almost identical to the  old version.


The Nemesis GTS 240 features a split fin design with a fin density of 16 FPI (Fins Per Inch)


There are screw protection plates under the M4 mounting threads that make sure that you don’t cause any accidental damage to the fins or worse cause a leak.

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5 thoughts on “Hardware Labs Black Ice Nemesis 240GTS Review

  1. Well, the finish and the fact that (just like my GTS’s) that radiator has been in and out of so many systems it’s ridiculous!

  2. Don’t think it helps if I use the old radiator for things a radiator should not be used as.

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