Hardware Labs Black Ice Nemesis 240GTS Review

Hardware Labs has always made some of the most well made, high quality radiators in the industry. The Nemesis line comes with a unique crinkle finish that I like a lot, and as I had said before some might not like that. For those who do not like the crinkle finish, or want a custom color – the Hardware Labs Nemesis line of radiators also come with a primer finish. For us modders and custom builders that is a great product as it allows us to paint the radiator the color we want without spending too much time on prep work. At the time of this review, the Nemesis GTS 240 is listed at $48.95 at PerformancePCS. For the price you get a product with an exceptionally great build quality, and good performance for the price. Keep in mind that the great build quality comes at a cost of the radiator being too thick, and as a result is not compatible with some cases. Please make sure that your case or build can fit a radiator the width of Hardware Labs radiator.


  • Great build quality.
  • Low price
  • Low profile design great for small builds
  • Good Price
  • Available in primer finish for modders.



  • Too wide for some cases.



Thanks to the fact that the new Nemesis line comes in a factory primer finish it makes it a great radiator for modders. Here is a little video of the ModZoo gang painting the Nemesis radiator:


Final Thoughts:

The Black Ice Nemesis GTS 240 offers a great package for the price. The low profile radiator is great for almost all builds where space is a premium. Given the modder friendly nature of the Radiator, and its performance the Black Ice Nemesis GTS 240 gets the Mod Zoo seal of approval.



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5 thoughts on “Hardware Labs Black Ice Nemesis 240GTS Review

  1. Well, the finish and the fact that (just like my GTS’s) that radiator has been in and out of so many systems it’s ridiculous!

  2. Don’t think it helps if I use the old radiator for things a radiator should not be used as.

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