Bitfenix Aegis mATX Case Review


In the past Bitfenix got a lot of attention, thanks to the Prodigy. A very successful design, that saw countless builds and mods by all level of builders (and modders). With the Aegis, Betfenix tried to create a mATX case that has a small footprint on the outside, yet allows you to pull off a great build with enthusiast grade cooling on the inside.

Aegis features a beautiful rounded shield-inspired front with the same fully customizable ICON display used on the Pandora. Plus, a sporty fresh design all around. Aegis is our first case in a while with more focus on cooling performance. It supports an impressive amount of fans and radiators: up to Seven (7) 120mm fans or Five (5) 140mm fans, dual 280 radiators or even a 360+280 combo in a very compact package. It’s also nice to see that Bitfenix has decided to go with a design that does not use an optical drive, and instead uses that space for either allowing you tons of space for your HDDs, or skip those and go for a big cooler up front. The case also comes with both water pump and reservoir mounts. These are nice to have, and are a good indication that Bitfenix wanted this case to have support for enthusiast grade cooling.

Editor’s Note: The Aegis reviewed was the “IKON” edition (with IKON display). The Aegis is also available in the “Core” edition without the IKON display.

At the time of this review, the MSRP for the the Core Edition is $99.99 and the IKON Edition is $119.99.


Specifications: ( provided by Bitfenix from the Bitfenix Website )

Colors Black – White – Red – Blue – Yellow
ICON™ Display 2.8″ TFT, 240 x 320
Fan Controller 4pin header x 4 – 12v/7v/5v
Motherboard Micro ATX, Mini-ITX (5 expansion slots)
CPU Cooler up to 170mm tall
VGA up to 380mm long and up to 140mm tall
Power Supply up to 220mm long
3.5” HDD Slots 4 (two removable cages with 2 tool free slots each)
2.5” SSD Slots 4 (one removable cage with 2 tool free slots each, one slot next to the Mainboard, one slot behind the PSU)
Dust Filter Top Click-on
Dust Filter Front 360mm magnetic
Dust Filter Bottom 360mm magnetic
Cooling Top 120mm x 2 or 140mm x 2
Cooling Front 120mm x 3 or 140mm x 2
Cooling Bottom 120mm x 1 or 140mm x 1
Cooling Rear 120mm x 1 (included)
Radiator Top 280mm, 240mm, 140mm, 120mm
Radiator Front 360mm, 280mm, 240mm, 140mm, 120mm
Radiator Bottom 140mm, 120mm
Radiator Rear 120mm
I/O USB 3.0 x 2, HD Audio
Dimensions (WxHxD mm – in) 205 x 470 x 480 – 8.07 x 18.50 x 18.89
Materials Steel, Plastic
Weight 6.7Kg – 14.8lbs
Extras BitFenix ICON™ Display (Core version comes without Display), Pump bracket, Reservoir bracket, PSU cover, Fan Controller, Magnetic Dustfilters, 3 Modular and tool free HDD/SSD cages

Radiator Support

Location Radiator PUSH (radiator + 1 fan) PUSH PULL (radiator + 2 fans)
Top 280 61mm (36mm + 25mm) X
Top 240 85mm (60mm + 25mm) 110mm (60mm + 50mm)
Top 140 80mm (55mm + 25mm) 80mm (30mm + 50mm)
Top 120 105mm (80mm + 25mm) 130mm (80mm + 50mm)
Front 360 85mm (60mm + 25mm) *1 *2 85mm (35mm + 50mm) *1 *2
Front 280 85mm (60mm + 25mm) *1 85mm (35mm + 50mm) *1
Front 240 85mm (60mm + 25mm) *1 85mm (35mm + 50mm) *1
Front 140 85mm (60mm + 25mm) *1 85mm (35mm + 50mm) *1
Front 120 105mm (80mm + 25mm) 130mm (80mm + 50mm)
Bottom 140 90mm (65mm + 25mm) 90mm (40mm + 50mm)
Bottom 120 105mm (80mm + 25mm) 130mm (80mm + 50mm)
Rear 120 105mm (80mm + 25mm) 130mm (80mm + 50mm)
*1 – with 300mm VGA
*2 – Max 360 radiator height = 406mm
Note: Most configurations require one or several of the storage cages to be removed



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  1. I wasn’t sold on this case design, until seeing your system install, and now I love it!

  2. Thanks Bill, glad you like it. The case does have more space than what the outside makes you believe it does.

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