Bitfenix Aegis mATX Case Review

With the side panel off, you can easily see the internal layout of the case. It is very nice to see that the case has a nice PSU shroud to keep your PSU and wires out of sight. The case has ample room for up to Four (4) HDDs, and Four (4) SSDs. The top SSD / HDD cage is removable, allowing you to make room for some serious cooling (if needed). Thanks to a simple layout, the storage mounting locations do not interfere with a long GPU.


Here is a closer look at the PSU cover, and the lower HDD cage. The case also has pre-installed motherboard standoffs.


The top HDD cage slides in place, and locks in. If needed, it can removed by pushing down on a metal tab and sliding out.


Here is a look at the back of the case. There are couple cable routing grommets on the top, one in the bottom, and a big grommet on the side. There is also a nice slide out SSD mount right by the PSU. I wish more case makers would use that useless space for mounting SSDs.


The case comes with a box with mounting hardware for your HDDs, SSDs, a decent number of zip ties, a product manual, and a pump mounting plate.


The case also comes with a reservoir mount that can be mounted to two 120mm fans or fan mounts.


The top panel can be removed by removing the two thumb screws in the back, and then sliding back and up.

Note: when you remove the top panel, you must unhook all the top panel wiring (power/reset, USB, LEDs, etc)


The top has support for up-to a 240mm rad (for the 120mm based fans). There is also support for up-to a 280mm radiator (for 140mm based fans).


The front panel comes off with a simple pull from the bottom. Once removed, you are greeted by a similar magnetic filter as seen on the bottom of the case. The filters are interchangeable. I think that is another great idea by Bitfenix to keep the design simple, and use interchangeable parts.

Note: If you have the IKON model case, you must unhook the wiring to the IKON display when removing the front panel.


The front of the case has support for up-to 360mm radiators (for 120mm based fans). There is also support for up-to 280mm radiators (for 140mm based fans).


Here is how the case looks like with the both the top, and the front panels removed.


Once you remove all the HDD cages, there is ample amount of room in the case for decent amount of cooling.


The top SSD cage is held in place using four screws, and holds in Two (2) SSDs.


The bottom HDD cage is held in place using four screws, and holds Two (2) HDDs. The top of the bracket can be used to mount the included pump adapter.


As mentioned earlier, the back of the case has a SSD mount that allows you to mount a SSD, if needed.


The front panel has the ICON display built right into it. The display is powered by a single USB 2.0 header cable.


Here is a closer look at the ICON display. The display is held in place using 3 screws to the front panel.


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  1. I wasn’t sold on this case design, until seeing your system install, and now I love it!

  2. Thanks Bill, glad you like it. The case does have more space than what the outside makes you believe it does.

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