Bitfenix Aegis mATX Case Review

The Conclusion:

Like the Prodigy, Bitfenix has put alot of thought into the design of the Aegis. It’s hard to fit big water cooling features into a case with such a small footprint. For flexibility alone, I give Bitfenix kudos for the Aegis. The IKON display is a great little customization tool, and it’s nice they offer a version without the display (at $20 less off MSRP). The clean front panel is just begging to be cut with some nice designs, that not just look good, but help the case perform better as well. You have enough space to run a push pull configuration in a case this size, and to me that is just great.

Overall I was satisfied with the build in the Bitfenix Aegis case. If I had a gripe, it would be on the lack of cable routing space in the back. If you have a power supply that has a nice fat 24 PIN cable (which most PSUs do), you can get into some trouble to get the back panel closed easily.


The Bitfenix Aegis is currently (at time of review) on sale at Tiger Direct ($94.99 w/IKON display and $79.99 w/o)



  • The IKON display is a great little customization tool.
  • Support for enthusiast grade water cooling components.
  • Includes filters on the front, bottom, and top panels.
  • Includes a pump and a reservoir mounting bracket.
  • One of the clearest factory panel window I’ve seen.
  • Built in Three (3) power fan controller (12V, 7V, 5V).


  • Not enough wire management space on back side of case.
  • Motherboard tray a little flimsy with drive cages removed.
  • Included pump mount lacks holes for MCP 35X pumps


I give it 4 out of 5 Nanners!

Which, of course, makes it Mod Zoo Approved!

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4 thoughts on “Bitfenix Aegis mATX Case Review

  1. I wasn’t sold on this case design, until seeing your system install, and now I love it!

  2. Thanks Bill, glad you like it. The case does have more space than what the outside makes you believe it does.

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