Antec P70 Mid Tower Case Review

External Features:


The Antec P70 has a pretty clean front, with side intakes. The top is also clean, with a bump out on the side.


The P70 has three (3) fan controllers, two (2) USB 3.0 ports, headphone and microphone jacks, as well as the power and reset buttons.  Antec includes little rubber port protectors (the one for headphones has been removed).


The back of the case has seven (7) expansion slots, room for a single 120mm fan (pre-installed).  This side panel also has a bump out.


There is a little sliding lock that allows you to release the top panel.


Antec includes a cover that fits into the fan openings on the top panel, if you don’t want to use it for fans.  It would have been nice if they would have included a filter panel for when you are using the fans, but, it won’t matter if you use it as exhaust.


Once the panel is installed, it blocks off the top two (2) fan holes, and lets you dampen some of the noise inside your case.


On the bottom of the chassis is an air intake for the PSU, which also includes a removable dust filter.


The front panel can be pulled off, and allows access to a removable dust filter for the front two (2) fans.


The front plate is removable from the bezel, but it requires about eleven (11) screws, and a few plastic snap hooks.  Caution is advised since they are just plastic, but this does allow for easy access for some front panel mods.


Behind the front panel is room for two (2) 120mm fans.


The top bezel is also removable… sort of.   No screws are required to pop it off, but there are a few cables and electronics attached to it.



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  1. Thanks Bill, I almost want to just for fun, with some old hardware, but what the heck would I do with it? I certainly don’t need more mods sitting around lol

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