Antec P70 Mid Tower Case Review

Internal Features:

On the inside of the P70, we find a pretty standard configuration.


The  front area of the chassis has room for four (4) internal 3.5″ drives, one (1) 2.5″ drive, an external 3.5″ drive, and two (2) 5.25″ bays.


Antec includes four (4) sets of tool-less slides for the 3.5″ drives.  There are specific left and right slides, and they are labeled.  As far as plastic hard drive slides go, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of these.


The 5.25″ bays have tool-less thumb screws for securing the drives (only on this side, however).


There is room for mounting a single 120mm fan in the back (pre-installed), and there are seven (7) expansion slots that have knock out PCI slot covers, which is unfortunate.  Replaceable PCI slot covers would be nice to see.


The motherboard tray has a large cut out for mounting CPU back plates, and has some stamped wire tie locations.


The actual room for running cables in the area that isn’t in the side panel bump out is quite narrow, only about 1/4 inch.


The area where the PSU cables will be coming through is about 1/2 inch deep (not including bump out in side panel).


There are five (5) fan headers, and they are all labeled.  Two (2) are marked Front Fan, two (2) are marked Top Fan, and the last is marked Back Fan.


There is room in the top for two (2) 120mm fans (pre-installed), but they are not 15mm spacing, so mounting a 240mm radiator in the top would be with only four (4) screws from a single fan. The fans are also mounted with screws that go into 6-32 threaded holes, so you may have to drill those out to mount a radiator.


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  1. Thanks Bill, I almost want to just for fun, with some old hardware, but what the heck would I do with it? I certainly don’t need more mods sitting around lol

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