Antec P70 Mid Tower Case Review

System Install:

A radiator does technically fit in the top, but there is almost no clearance for the motherboard, so don’t count on it, with out some decent modding.


A single 120mm radiator does fit in the back, as long as it’s not much wider than a 120mm fan.


There is room in the front for a pair of 120mm fans, but, you would have to do some modding up here to fit a 240mm radiator as well.


A standard sized ATX motherboard fills up the entire motherboard tray.  There is very little room other than where cable holes are located.


The CPU cut out in the tray offers ample space for a back plate to be installed after the motherboard is in place.


Antec claims GPUs up to 15 inches (380mm) can be used, however only one (1) can, with out cutting out the 3.5″ drive cage. (7970 shown)


Shorter GPUs have no problem fitting two (2) or more GPUs in (GTX 760 shown)


There is more like 10.75 inches of space if you want to use more than a single GPU.

With a power supply installed in the system, you can see how little space there is beneath the motherboard.  Cable grommets would be nice, but this is a pretty cheap case.


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  1. Thanks Bill, I almost want to just for fun, with some old hardware, but what the heck would I do with it? I certainly don’t need more mods sitting around lol

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