Super Low Profile SATA Cables from SilverStone

Have you ever had clearance issues with your SATA Cables? Well SilverStone Technology may have the answer!

These cool little SATA Cables have super low profile connectors and very thin, inconspicuous cables.

These SilverStone CP11 SATA cables are available in both Blue (300mm long) and Black (300mm or 500m long).

Have you ever had this happen? Your GPU resides directly over your motherboard’s SATA connector?

Well this SilverStone super low profile SATA connector, sure would solve this problem!

Model No. SST-CP11 (blue cable, 300mm)
SST-CP11B-300 (black cable, 300mm)
SST-CP11B-500 (black cable, 500mm)
Color Black connector, blue cable (CP11)
Black connector, black cable (CP11B)
Connectors Lateral 90° angled SATA connector
Length 300mm / 500mm
Transmitting Speed 6Gb/s


For more information on these cables visit the SilverStone Tecknology website.

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