BitFenix Pandora mATX Case Review

ICON™ Display:

The true standout for this case, in my opinion, is the ICON display found at the upper portion on the front panel.  By default the display shows the BiFenix Name and Logo when powered up.


The Pandora Display App can be downloaded from the BitFenix website, and allows you to drag images on to the .exe file to update the image. This is the second image provided by BitFenix.


Playing around, I fed our Mod Zoo Munky through a black and white filter because, for some reason, I thought the display was only black and white. It was quite fun to have this little guy looking out at me.


On a whim, I decided to throw the full color Munky at the screen, and to my surprise, he came out in his full color glory!


Tweaking the image a little to black out the top and bottom bars really makes the Munky stand out.


Just for funzies, I threw my favorite smiley face at it. I think Eddie approves.


One last round of fun editing, to settle that I was supposed to be ‘working’ on a review, not wasting time.



Coming up next ….. Page 5 Conclusions.

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