Thermaltake Core X2 mATX Case Review

System Install

With the motherboard tray removed from the case, it is very easy to install the motherboard, and ample space for attaching CPU backplates after the motherboard is installed on the tray.


In order to mount two (2) 140mm fans in the front of the case, the bottom two (2) 5.25″ bays must be removed.


There is also a bracket that is included that gets mounted in place of a 5.25″ bay for holding the top two (2) holes on the 140mm fan.


When installing a radiator in on the top rails of the case, you can mount them to the rails before putting it into the chassis.  This was nice, as it meant I didn’t have to try holding the radiator while getting the screws started.  There is, however, only about 1/2″ of movement forward and backward for the radiators.  It would be nice if there were either more holes to allow you to mount the radiator further down, or longer fan screw slots.



There is more than sufficient space for long graphics cards.  There is room for up to 330mm cards if the 5.25″ bays are installed, or up to 480mm if the 5.25″ bays are removed.



The front can hold up to a 360mm radiator by mounting the fan bracket in the lower 5.25″ bay, and using the top two (2) slots above the 5.25″ bays.  This will most likely cause clearance issues with top mounted 360mm radiators though.


There is room for up to 220mm long power supplies, if a fan is mounted in the floor, otherwise I’m not sure there’s a power supply long enough to not fit…


With the way the 2.5″ drives are mounted on the trays the SATA chain power cables do not work very well, as the opening for wires is a little too small and puts pressure on the wires.  The problem is considerably worse with the end SATA connector (that isn’t the pass-through style).


The case window provides quite a lot of viewing space into the chassis, to see your system.  I was rather disappointed by the lack of cable management under the motherboard, though.  There are no stamped cable tie off spots anywhere on the motherboard tray, so you’re stuck using holes around the outside.


There was enough space to comfortably mount a 360mm radiator on the lower section, along side the PSU.


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