Cooler Master MasterCase 5 Case Review

External Features


The front of the MasterCase 5 has an angled front bezel with mesh front and two (2) 5.25” bays. Right below the bays, the rest of the mesh pops out as a dust filter. The front mesh area uses the Cooler Master logo shaped honey comb design.


The entire front panel can come off to give access to the three 140/120mm fan mounting positions, of which a single 140mm is included.


The front control panel does not come off with the front bezel. The front control panel includes: lighted power switch, disk activity LED, Two (2) USB 3.0 ports, microphone / headphone ports and reset switch.


I really like how the front control panel doesn’t come off with the front bezel. This would be really annoying if you wanted to make changes to the fans or radiator, as you would have to unplug all the I/O cables. The control panel is also mounted with screws, I really hope this means Cooler Master will offer upgrades to the control panel, like options for USB 3.1 or type C, Thunderbolt, LED/Fan Controllers, or even more USB ports in the future.

Back of the case has a slotted 120/140mm mount (A 140mm fan is included). This is a nice feature for aligning the fan to an air cooler, or positioning a rear radiator. Seven (7) PCI Slots spaces, as well as nearly two inches of ventilation above the slots, useful for either mounting a reservoir or accommodating taller GPU coolers.


There is a back plate mount for the ATX power supply in the basement of the case. With a basic plastic PSU fan filter with tab, right at the bottom of the frame.

The bottom of the case is elevated slightly with steel handle style case feet with rubber pads, which are styled to match the handles at the top of the case.


The unit that was sent to us showed some sign of paint wear on this, but wasn’t too bad.

The Side Panels are held in place by two captured thumb screws (always nice to see). However the side panels are not interchangeable.


The top of the case has two handles, one near the front of the case behind the front control panel and the other at the very rear. Between the handles is a plate for mounting Dual 120mm or Dual 140mm fans.


There is a mesh dust filter secured under the fan mounting plate. This plate and filter can be removed for the Top Cover Kit’s Frame to be installed.


The Top Cover Kit, consists of two pieces;  the Frame for mounting the fans and radiator to, and the dust cover. The frame is secured via 4 thumb screws that replace the normal screws used to secure fan mounting plate. The frame also uses slotted mounts to adjust the (Dual 120/140mm) Radiator & fans left and right, however no option for forward and back.


The Top Cover Kit’s frame allows for more internal height for the addition of  liquid cooling radiator mounting.


There is plastic mesh cover that goes over the frame that acts as dust filter, as well a shroud for hiding the frame. But, this does require removing the plastic cover piece of the rear handle. With the Top Cover Kit installed, the handles are still usable, but you no longer can get your fingers entirely around them. This cover matches the Cooler Master logo shaped honey-comb framing of the front bezel.




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