Cooler Master MasterCase 5 Case Review

Internal Features

Once you open up this case, you will immediately notice the internal layout of this case is partitioned between top and bottom. The “upstairs”, which houses the motherboard tray, drive cages and the majority of the fan mounting positions, and the “basement”, which houses the power supply, and has the potential for drive storage, or could be left empty as an ideal place for a water pump.


Near the rear of the case, on top of the deck are Two (2) sleds for SSDs. Cooler Master calls this it’s “Slip-and-Clip Pockets”. These sleds are secured to the case by sliding the lip of the tray into a hole cut in deck, and then screwing in a captive thumb screw on the opposite side of the sled. There are holes further back in the deck for running SATA power and data cables to your SSD.

In the “upstairs”, there is a the removable optical drive cage, which supports two 5.25” drives. Once removed, you can install a frame that serves as the top mounting position for another 140mm or 120mm Fan. It’s worth noting that this is the only way to get a third fan in the front of the case. If you use Three (3) 140mm fans you will have to use the pre-drilled mount points instead of the radiator slot mounts.


Below the optical drive cage is the modular drive cage that holds Two (2) 3.5” drive sleds (a 2.5” drive can also be mounted to the center of the sled). The position of the hard drive cage can also be adjusted vertically, and can even go in the space occupied by the optical drive cage when removed. There is also space in the basement for the cage (Note: this space will only support the Two (2) 3.5” cage, and not the Three (3) 3.5” cage, that comes with the MasterCase Pro 5).


The MasterCase 5 has enough space on the motherboard tray for boards up to 11.5”, but anything longer than standard ATX will partially cover the Three (3) rubber cable grommets to the right of the board. Cables can also be routed cable through holes both above (not grommeted) and below the motherboard through the “basement” area.

On the other side of the motherboard tray conveniently besides the rubber grommets is a cable trough with hook and loop strap tie downs, you probably won’t get every cable in there, but the space and straps are certainly nice to have. Also, behind the motherboard is placement for two additional SSD sleds (sold separately $4.99) or you can move one from in front of the case, to back here, in case you want to hide the SSD for a sleeker look in the front.


There are a couple of tie down points at the rear of case on the back of the motherboard tray. I’m guessing these are intended the EPS 4Pin/8Pin CPU power cables and maybe the rear case fan. But, other than that, there is a lack of any additional tie down points. I think Cooler Master really wants you using that trough with the hook and loop straps.


Included in the small accessory box is: motherboard stand offs, a couple of case fan to molex power adapters, zip ties, and the adapter/fan mount bracket.


This fan bracket is to be installed on the top of a 120mm / 140mm fan and then installed after taking the optical drive tray out. It becomes the mounting position for a third 120mm / 140mm in the front of the case.





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