Cooler Master MasterCase 5 Case Review

System Install

Getting the motherboard inside the case was pretty easy, once I installed the included stand offs into the correct positions for the board (they were not pre-installed).


Installing new fans in the MasterCase 5 is very easy, as there are threaded holes and screws for 120 & 140mm fans, if you aren’t going to use the slotted radiator mounts.


To match the Sniper green, I went with Three (3) H.E.C. Cougar CFD14HBG 140mm fans, replacing the two stock black Cooler Master fans.


Installing a radiator in the optional Top Cover Kit was great, especially an AIO liquid cooling kit, like the Corsair H100i I was using. This is because you can mount it, and the fans outside the case, then just bring the cover kit to the case to install with the Four (4) included thumb screws.


When using the Top Cover Kit, you have to remove the plastic cover off the rear handle, so that the mesh cover can be installed. Then it slides and locks in place, but can be pulled off for cleaning pretty easily.


I debated whether to place the SSD in. or on the sled. Ultimately choosing to put it inside the sled, as I didn’t like contrast of the Sandisk Red branding on a Black and Green build. I certainly could have mounted the sled on the back of the motherboard tray, but I like the idea of not having to take off the back cover if I need to get to the SSD.


Thanks to the SSD sleds being in the front, the pass through for the cables works for the SSD, but also cables like front panel controls. I really wish that Cooler Master would have sleeved the front HD audio cable black, like they did on the power/reset button and LED connectors.


Cable Management was a small challenge. Like I mentioned in the internal features section. There is only a couple of tie downs at the rear and all other management is done either in the cable trough near the grommets, or the basement. The trough isn’t really enough space to fit all of the internal cables even in my fairly modest build, with One (1) GPU and One (1) SSD).




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