InWin 909 Full Tower Case Review

External Features

The front of the case is made from thick, 4mm aluminum, and features a little red accent trim with a back-lit InWin logo.



The left side of the case features your front panel controls and connectors. Just like the 901 and 904, there is an opening in the front bottom of the case that helps provide intake airflow to the case.


The right side of the case is clean, and does not have any options. The exterior is made of just 2 pieces of aluminum, that are connected in the back of the case.



Once you look at the back of the case, things get interesting. The back of the case is the 909’s secret weapon. The back extends 6″ (152mm) from the rear of the motherboard I/O, allowing you to install a bunch of fans, or a nice thick radiator. InWin does not recommend installing a radiator thicker than 60mm, as that might interfere with your ability to make the tubing runs.



The back panel is held in place using 4 captive thumb screws. The back panel and the tempered glass sides are the only things that can be removed from the case.



Here is a closer look at the removed back panel. As you can see, we have enough room to install Two (2) 140mm fans or Three (3) 120mm fans on the back. The captive thumb screws are a nice touch, and they are of great quality. Also notice that there is a pass through, cut out for passing all the cables that need to be connected to the back of the motherboard.


The bottom has two large rubber feet, that span the width of the case. They protect both your desk, and the brushed aluminum bottom.



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