InWin 909 Full Tower Case Review

Internal Features

The case manual, and the accessories come in a nice zip top bag. Lets open it up, and see what’s in there.


Included with the case is a nice micro fiber cleaning cloth. Pictured above are a lot of screws to help you mount your SSD/HDD to the sleds/trays.


InWin also includes both a 24Pin main power extension cable, and a 8Pin EPS/CPU power extension cable. For this review build, I used the corsair AX1200i, so, I didn’t have to use the included extension cables.


You also get a lot of cable ties, and all kind of screws that you might need to install your components in the build.


Finally the case comes with some self adhesive cable clips, that allows you to create your own cable management options. You also get a USB 3.0 to USB 2.0 header adapter cable, in the event your motherboard only has One (1) USB 3.0 header on it.






There are four thumbscrews, that hold each of the tempered glass side panels on. With the panels off, you can see the open layout of the case.


Once you remove the back fan/radiator mount panel, you can get a better idea of how much space (6.0″ or 152mm) you have for mounting fans or a radiator.



One of the things to note with this case, is that, InWin wants you to install your PSU in a certain way. Given that there is no ventilation in the bottom of the case. You must mount your PSU with the intake fan facing up.


The front panel controls of the case feature: power button, HDD activity light, a USB 3.1 Type-C connector, USB 3.0 connector, Front panel audio jacks, a couple more USB 3.0 ports, and finally the LED controller that lets you turn the LED strip on/off (or run it in a cycle mode). The LED strip is located right above the front panel controls.


The case also features support for Four (4) 3.5″ HDDs. The 3.5″ HDDs are thermally isolated from the rest of the build. This also allows for a nice clean look for your build.



Here is how the HDD brackets look like up close. The InWin 909 uses a very simple HDD bracket with some anti vibration mounting pins.


The InWin 909 features removable fan mounts, that allow you to install a 120mm fan or a 140mm fan on it. The fan mounts are held in place by captive thumb screws.


The fan mount just slides in place, and there are tapped holes for the captive thumb screws. There is an ample amount of room in the front for the fans to draw in air.


Here’s how the back side of the InWin 909 looks. You have slightly less than an inch of space in the back for wire management. The case also allows you to install Six (6) SSDs in the back (yes I know, SIX (6) SSDs) It also includes all Six (6) SSD sleds/trays!


Here is a close up of the SSD sled/tray. Just like most of the top tier InWin cases, the SSD bracket features a captive thumb screw, and slides right in the back panel for easy mounting.


The case has Eight (8) PCIe expansion slots allowing you to use a quad GPU setup and an E-ATX motherboard without any issues.



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