InWin 909 Full Tower Case Review

System Install

The building experience in the InWin 909 is a very satisfying experience. Having a clean back allows you, as the builder to create your own cable routing option. So. you are not stuck with using what the case maker has provided.


For this build, I dug out something special, that I created with help from Bill Owen (MNPCTech), and Brad Galwin of Dirt Design Graphics. It’s a custom painted Hardware Labs Nemesis 360 rad.


Given the size of the case, and the fact that the only panel you can remove is the back fan mount (apart from the side panel), building in the 909 is really, really easy. The only note that I would make, is that if you are using a 360mm radiator in the back, you might want to make sure that the end tanks are facing down, and the ports facing up, as there is more clearance on the top versus the bottom. The back panel design provides ample air flow without any major restrictions, and looks great with a lighted fan behind it.


With the  system powered on, you can see that the front InWin logo is back-lit in white. That adds a nice touch to the very clean front of the case.


There is an opening in the top right, by the HDD mounts. The opening allows you to route tubing from the rear fan/radiator mount. The layout of the case allows for a lot of possibilities for extreme cooling, and configurations. The built in LED strip is not as bright as I would have liked it to be. In this image, all ambient lights were turned off, camera speed slowed down, and the green light is from the Corsair SP 120 green LED fans, and the Audio Trace LEDs on the Gigabyte Sniper 5 motherboard.


Here are the specs of this build:


  • Mobo – Gigabyte Sniper 5
  • CPU – Intel Core I7 4790K
  • GPU – AMD R9 280X
  • SSD – Intel 330 series
  • PSU – Corsair AX1200i
  • RAM – G-Skill Ripjaws 8GB


CPU and GPU Blocks – EKWB

  • Reservoir – Monsoon Module Tube reservoir (Mounted on a custom cut 140mm fan mount cover plate)
  • Pump – Swiftech D5 vario (Mounted on a custom cut 140mm fan mount cover plate)
  • Pump Top – Alpha Cool D5 clear pump top
  • Tubing – MNPCTECH 1/2″ OD PETG Tubing



Given that I went for a distressed green radiator, no point in guessing that I would have some Fallout reference in there somewhere. The GPU Back-plate was custom made by our own PCpackrat (Greg) of Smart Computer Store!


Given the open areas in the back of the case, cable management does tend to get a bit tricky. But, the included clips allow you to place things as needed. If this was going to be a personal build, I would have adjusted the cable lengths as needed, to create a nice clean look. My suggestion would be to plan you cable runs with the cables installed, and then put the clips in. That way you can make sure that you only use what is necessary.



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